Palm Beach Zoo Welcomes Endangered Baird’s Tapir Calf


Palm Beach Zoo is overjoyed to introduce its newest addition, an endangered Baird’s tapir calf, born Sunday, January 20, to proud parents Spencer and Alyssa. Tipping the scales at over 21 pounds, the healthy newborn looks like a walking watermelon. In fact, the uncanny resemblance to a watermelon allows it to stay safely hidden in nests during the first few weeks of life. Right now the baby is behind the scenes bonding with mom. The Zoo says stay tuned for public viewing details, gender and naming reveal! 

Baird’s Tapirs are native to Central America and northern South America, and are one of four Latin American species of Tapir. For the first week of their lives, infant Baird’s Tapirs are hidden in secluded locations while their mothers forage for food and return periodically to nurse them. Baird’s Tapirs are in danger of extinction, and were officially classified as Vulnerable according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature.  Since their reproductive rate is slow, any tapir birth is critical.

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