September, 2009 – YOU-TOPIA




By Lisa Dawn Wax

Lightworker Lisa
Lightworker Lisa



Have you ever wanted something so badly you thought you would die if you didn’t get it?


Have you ever wished for something for so long that your heart ached with anticipation?


Whatever it may have been, this person, place or thing

     meant instant and complete gratification and happiness.


Well, if so, what did you do once you got it?  If, in fact, you did.


Did it mean as much as you thought it would?

Was it as perfect as it should have been?

Were you as happy as you thought you would be?


Did it give you instant life? Make your heart stop aching?

          Did the angels start singing above?

Most probably the answers are, No.

But, if they are Yes:


How long did the relationship last before it fell apart?

How often did you use it before you threw it away?

Or how long did you admire the scenery before you moved?


If you stop to think about it, you’ll realize…


There is only one person who can give you meaning

Only one place to find all that is wonderful and good

And only one thing that can make the difference between a

     Utopian way of life and one lived in misery.


The person is you

The place is within yourself

And the thing is your own self worth.