September, 2013 – What If?


What if?


A Tale of Duplicity

Atone.  Atone.

By Krista Martinelli.

Dedicated to Jason Carlton Koontz, 1971 – 2013.


So good at so many things

His original music

An expert at table tennis


What if?

What if he had gone further?

Instead of letting the demons in at 18?


All of those hard places to live,

Nothing was right.

Bed bugs, abuse,

Never a place to call home.


What if?  What if…

He had knocked on a friend’s door,

Just 15 minutes later?

Or waited a little longer?


His friend said, “I’m on the phone.

Come back in 15 minutes, buddy.”

And what if he had really listened

To the lyrics of his most recent,

Favorite song?

Safe & Sound.”*


That’s all our divided family ever wanted.

For you to be Safe

And Sound.

Love you, Jason!


Here’s a song by Jason Koontz, written when he was about 14 – “War with Yourself.” Click on the title to play it.



*Click on the “Safe & Sound” link to see the music video or just click on the below video.