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Moderation Always Errs Towards Excess

Ask the Docs Moderation Always Errs Towards Excess By Dr. Jonathan Chung of Keystone Chiropractic Let’s review some definitions of moderation. Here’s the traditional definition out of...

Wonder Twins

Ask the Docs Wonder Twins By Dr. Randy Laurich As the Holidays draw near, I seem to always reflect on my childhood and how I was influenced...

The Wellness Experience

AW Spotlight The Wellness Experience By Sabeen Faquir                   I got the chance to sit down with owner and operator of the Wellness Experience, Dr. Randy Laurich. What...

From Back Pain to PR

By Dr. Jonathon Chung I’ve written a lot in the past about how an ideal structure can help increase athletic performance. If you want those...

October, 2015 – Human Resiliency

When you’re in chiropractic, a lot of people will usually put you into the camp of holistic and crunchy professions.

September, 2015 – The Truth about Chiropractic

Well, the science behind chiropractic is documented with research and years of proof that when the nervous system functions better, the entire body functions better.

July/August, 2015 – Why do my Joints Hurt More when it Rains?

One of the most common problems I hear about with patients with chronic pain is that rainy weather seems to make things worse.

January, 2015 – Year Long Commitment to Health

Recently, I have been speaking with my patients regarding their commitment to year long health and wellness. As a new year begins, we always get our mindset on a New Year, a new you, but why can’t we commit to our health all year long?