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Misconceptions about Healthcare

Misconceptions about Healthcare A video featuring Dr. Randy Laurich of the Wellness Experience An address to seniors at the Addington facility at Wellington Green Video by SharpShooter...

Your First Visit

Your First Visit By Dr. Randy Laurich This video is about The Wellness Experience - Your First Visit With Dr. Randy Laurich. Video created by SharpShooter...

Great Costumes at the Wellness Experience Table at Fall Fest

Great Costumes at the Wellness Experience Table at Fall Fest Photos by Monica Kallas, SharpShooter Marketing Group An evening of fall fun festivities happened at Village...

Spinal Decompression

Ask the Docs Spinal Decompression By Dr. Randy Laurich of The Wellness Experience The DRX 9000 (Decompression Reduction Extraction) is a spinal decompression device designed to provide...

May, 2015 – An Invitation to March Against Monsanto on May 16th

March Against Monsanto in Wellington, FL! Dr. Randy Laurich, owner of The Wellness Experience in Wellington, explains why it is important to join in on May 16th at 9am in Wellington and have your voice be heard about GMOs in our food.

March, 2015 – Wellington Chamber Luncheon

March, 2015 - Wellington Chamber Luncheon and New Board Installation

December, 2014 – Happy Holidays

I hope you are all having a wonderful December! Check out our articles this month by clicking on the links below or just going to and exploring.

June, 2013 – Health and Wellness Fest

Health and Wellness Fest at Whole Foods Plaza

June, 2013 – Summer Health & Wellness Fest Chairmen Announced

June, 2013 - Wellington Chamber Announces the Summer Health & Wellness Chairmen

December, 2012 – Experience Wellness with Dr. Randy Laurich

Dr. Randall Laurich is probably one of the busiest men you’ll find in Wellington.