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Momness By Melanie Lewis Momness: The state of being motherly towards others.  Nurturing and making personal observations, and fixing. Apparently, I have been “moming” a friend of...

Dedicated to my Mother

Dedicated to my Mother By David Miller This Mother’s Day, I want to thank all the powerful Wellington women who have been inspirations to their sons....

January, 2015 – A Mother’s Work is Never Done

Our plate is full; driving kids to school, activities, visiting friends, social events, in addition to the everyday chores of housework, cooking, shopping, volunteering and work. What's left over? Is there time to take care of yourself?

May, 2014 – Celebrating Mother’s Day

We’re all well aware of Mother’s Day. It comes around every year, and this year it comes on May 11th.

November, 2012 – The Final Presidential Debate

So you might already know that I was lucky enough to be at the third and final Presidential Debate on October 22nd, 2012 at Lynn University in Boca Raton.

May, 2011 – Happy Mother’s Day, Moms!

Lighten Up with Lisa   Happy Mother’s Day, Moms!     By Lisa Dawn Wax   Once again we are in the midst of springtime when the sun is shining, temperatures...

May, 2011 – A Tribute to a Remarkable Mother

Teen Talk A Tribute to a Remarkable Mother By Stephanie Courtois I am a girl who is blessed with a woman that put my needs before her...

March, 2011 – Why We Walk, A Letter from a Mom

Why We Walk Alejandro       I walk because you are our Angel, my oldest Son and because you are Mine.   I walk because every day you make...

May, 2010 – On Being a Mother

THE  NEXT SURVIVOR SERIES  Six married men  will be dropped on an island with one car and 3 kids each for six weeks.  Each kid will play two sports  and take either music or dance classes.  There is no fast food. Each man...