Dedicated to my Mother


Dedicated to my Mother

By David Miller

This Mother’s Day, I want to thank all the powerful Wellington women who have been inspirations to their sons. Highlighting recent headlines featuring females changing the world, I want to express gratitude to my mom, Jacqueline Miller, for setting an example for me to become a lawyer, just like her in a time before women had the voice they have today.

I grew up in Wellington and now live here with my family. For more than 15 years, my mother has practiced law at the Florida-renowned Broad and Cassel law firm. Growing up, I spent many hours in my parents’ offices, always admiring how both of them were professionals and aspiring to follow suit. Currently, I am an attorney at Palm Beach Gardens-based Mathison Whittles, practicing, among other things, construction litigation, just like my mom.

My mother got her law license in 1979 at a time when the male-dominated profession included very few female practicing attorneys. Not only was she a practicing attorney, but she was able to take a tough situation and make the most out of it, getting a highly desired, powerful job right after school. She worked hard to make a good name for herself, following her own mantra she shared with my brother and me: “Be good and be good at it.”

My parents taught us humility and respect and they didn’t let opportunities go to our heads. During the summers, I went to work for my mom’s law firm and was enthralled by all the smart people dressed in suits, arguing on behalf of a client with millions of dollars and lives on the line, with my mom leading the team.  That’s what got me set on my current career path.

Being a litigator requires a thick skin, and it’s necessary to be a tough cookie. My mom can be entrenched in a nasty legal battle, but then take off that armor and be a caring and loving mother, grandmother, wife and friend. I have tremendous respect for that skill and have tried to emulate it in my own home.

I now have two sons of my own, and my mom is such an amazing grandma. I see her interact with them, and it’s so special to watch her teach them the same lessons that I have valued my whole life. She always told us, “don’t mess with mom,” and has been a living example to those around her.

David’s brother Jake, his wife Michele, David, his mom Jacqueline and his dad David at David’s wedding on November 1, 2014.

I still call my mom with questions I have about work, family, and everything in between. She was always a rock, not only to our family, but to my friends and cousins. She’s been my confidant, friend and example, helping me achieve my goals and be the person I am today. Thanks mom. I love you!