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Put Your Oxygen Mask On First

Mommy Moments Put Your Oxygen Mask On First Briana D'Andrea You’ve heard this before while on an airplane. In the event of an emergency, place your oxygen...

Influential People

Mommy Moments Influential People By Melanie Lewis When it's not "mommy-time" your kids are with their potentially most influential people.  I went to a talk given by...

February, 2016 – Tips of the Trade

Mommy Moments Tips of the Trade By Melanie Lewis Who knew parenting was a minefield of madness.  And so, therefore I'm always intrigued when a new idea...

June, 2014 – Creative Parenting

This time of year, with Mother’s Day behind us and Father’s Day around the corner, I am reminded of the joys, trials and tribulations of parenthood.

May, 2014 – Survey Says…

Mommy Moments Survey Says… By Melanie Lewis   Recently I was taking a survey following a service performed by a local vendor. At about the same time I...

August, 2013 – Must-Have Conversations with Kids

Whether parents are taking their teens clothes shopping as they immerse themselves in the big transition to high school or packing up the car to drop off their new college freshman for next week's state college start, Hanley and Caron Treatment Centers, a nationally recognized non-profit provider of alcohol and drug addiction treatment, suggests these transitions are an important time to have critical conversations with teens.

July, 2013 – You Two…Separate!

Here are some ways I’ve handled problem areas of sibling fighting so far.

June, 2013 – Summer Survival Tips

How can you make summer another time of fun and enjoyment rather than boredom? And just how do you do this on a budget?

December, 2011 – A Thank You

Sometimes when you’re a parent and you get sick, you can’t get a break.