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October, 2016 – AW in Pics

Just a few featured photos Around Wellington. Visit "Photo Galleries" for more pictures.

ADHD in Children

This article was previously published in Banzai Magazine and Natural Insight ADHD in Children By Sabeen Faquir According to the CDC, it is normal for children to...

January, 2016 – Boost your Brain

Natural Insight Boost your Brain By Sabeen Faquir At the pharmacy, a customer came in wondering about the benefits of fish oil for memory. I’m here to...

December, 2015 – Calculate Your Calcium Intake

Natural Insight Calculate Your Calcium Intake By Sabeen Faquir You may not know this but calcium isn’t just good for the bones.  It is good for muscular...

October, 2015 – Introducing Sabeen

I am the new Managing Editor for and will be taking up duties like posting articles, photos, and writing the AW Spotlight story of the month.

September, 2015 – Cuckoo for Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been used for beauty purposes like cleansing the pores of skin and keeping dry hair moist but, did you know it can help your lipid profile?

August, 2015 – Tantalizing Turmeric

Turmeric is a golden yellow root from which a fine power is minced and used in Indian cooking.