The Forgotten Five…Places to Clean That Is


By Shari Cedar – VP & Co-owner of AK Building Services

High traffic areas are a no brainer when it comes to cleaning, both in commercial real estate and residential, but what about those places you don’t necessarily see? They’re easy to forget and often overwhelming by the time anyone gets around to them. So just what are the top 5 areas people typically forget to clean?

  1. The microwave – It’s everyone’s best friend in the tight on time moments to heat up a meal before a meeting at the office or when trying to get all the kids fed after practice, but did anyone take the time to wipe the inside of the microwave after the frozen lasagna bubbled and the sauce hit the ceiling of the microwave? Even better, when was the last time you pulled out the microwave to clean behind it or underneath it?  
  2. Underneath/behind large furniture and equipment – Dust bunnies, crumbs, hair, need I say more? It’s inevitable, but somehow extremely avoidable, and then when you finally move the large furniture you question why it took so long because it’s a mess back there. 
  3. Baseboards – So you vacuumed the carpets and mopped the floors, but did you take a few extra minutes to wipe down the baseboards? Especially in business, people are keeping an eye on everything, even those low to the ground baseboards. 
  4. Light fixtures and ceiling fans – I am not sure there is anything worse than turning on a fan and having dust fly or turning on a lot and seeing bugs in the bulb. 
  5. Window treatments and upholstery – It’s not just surfaces and floors, it’s fabrics too! Take some extra time to steam clean from time to time and spot treat. 

Appearance means a lot, at home and at work. Don’t forget to add these five to your cleaning routine or ask your commercial cleaning company to do so if they’re not already. And, if your commercial cleaning company is missing these areas, it might be time to see if there is a better partner for you.Shari Cedar is the Vice President & Co-Owner of AK Building Services, an industry-leading family owned and operated commercial janitorial services provider in Florida. AK Building Services is GBAC (Global Biorisk Advisory Certified), LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and ISN certified. For more information about AK Building Services visit


For 25+ years, Shari Cedar has been leading with purpose and passion. Whether in TV production, where she spent the first chapter of her career, or commercial cleaning, where she has been investing her time in her second chapter, Shari’s presence is felt by all who she encounters for business and community work. Her entrepreneurial spirit and multidisciplinary approach are inspirational, impactful, and appreciated by the teams she leads, the customers she serves, and the community she supports.

In her capacity as Vice President and Co-Owner of AK Building Services, an industry-leading family owned and operated commercial janitorial services provider and one of the largest privately owned commercial cleaning companies in Florida, ​Shari leads sales, strategy, marketing, communications, learning and development and customer service. Prior to her tenure with AK Building Services, Shari was a senior executive and Executive producer on television series and award-winning hits for Bravo, NBC, MTV, ABC, HGTV, E!, National Geographic, and Discovery. Shari earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Vermont and a Masters in Broadcast Journalism from Boston University.