The Launch of Barbuto & Johansson Law Firm in Wellington


First there was Barbuto Law Firm…

Many people think of the law as a cold and rarefied profession.  They see the courts as a forbidding and dangerous realm of calculating lawyers using obscure and erudite knowledge to manipulate the uninformed.  They suspect that when they walk into a lawyer’s office, the lawyer only sees a potential for billable hours and not a human being with emotions, hopes and fears.  And the sad truth is that those prejudices people harbor about the law and lawyers are sometimes correct.  What separates the Barbuto Law Firm, P.A. from the common run-of-the-mill law firm is the emotional connections it fosters and maintains with its clientele.

Anthony Barbuto, Esq.

“We treat our clients as if they are our friends,” says attorney Anthony Barbuto.  “We believe that in addition to a razor sharp knowledge of the law, the most successful attorneys also understand the emotional ramifications of the cases they take on.  It is our experience that the rational application of legal knowledge is enhanced when the practicing attorney understands the larger emotional context of a case.  Our clients often walk away feeling like their humanity was fully acknowledged and that their legal ally understood more than just the applicable law in their case.  They feel understood as human beings.”


Although, the humanistic approach at the Barbuto Law Firm necessarily begins at the individual and familial level, the connections it develops inevitably spread into a larger network of relationships.  After the individual, the firm’s most important concern is the larger community it serves, Wellington, Florida.  In 2008, attorney Anthony Barbuto joined Wellington’s first full-time lawyer, Ann Porath, and many of Ms. Porath’s clients remained with Mr. Barbuto after her retirement.  “Our longevity as attorneys in the community of Wellington and other western communities is a testament to our firm’s dedication and values,” added Mr. Barbuto. 

Now there’s Barbuto & Johannson…

              The Barbuto Law Firm ( is a general practice, handling legal matters for clients such as Estate Planning, Probate, Family Law, Litigation, Equestrian Law, Business, Real Estate, etc.  Mr. Barbuto, however, recently partnered with attorney Carly Johansson to form another law firm called Barbuto & Johansson, P.A. (, focusing on additional legal concentrations such as Personal Injury, Employment Law, and Class Actions.  A Florida native, Mrs. Johansson attended undergraduate school at the University of Florida where she graduated first in her class.  She then went on to Emory Law School where she earned her law degree, with honors.  Mrs. Johansson has a litigation and employment law background, coming from a national law firm in Fort Lauderdale. 

Carly Johansson, Esq.


Mrs. Johansson lives in Wellington with her Swedish husband, and her two small children (5 and 1).  Mr. Barbuto also lives in Wellington with his Albanian-Italian wife and his two small children (2 and 1).  Both Mrs. Johansson and Mr. Barbuto love working and living in Wellington, and are excited to raise their children in its high ranking school system.  In addition to work and family life, both Mrs. Johansson and Mr. Barbuto strive to maintain balance and pursue hobbies and other interests.  Mrs. Johansson enjoys traveling, reading and being an entrepreneur.

Mr. Barbuto enjoys traveling to Italy, and maintains a popular international blog where he writes about authentic Italian culture (  Aside from his blog, he maintains an impressive presence on social media, having over 100,000 followers on Facebook (@italianenthusiast), over 27,000 followers on Instagram (@italianenthusiast), and approximately 1,000,000 followers on Tik Tok (@thelawyer).  “I don’t play golf,” Mr. Barbuto said, “but I blog.”

Making a Difference

Mr. Barbuto and Mrs. Johansson enjoy making a difference in the lives of their clients, and they are enthusiastic about serving the Western Communities.  For general practice issues, visit the Barbuto Law Firm’s website at (, or call the firm at (561) 798-2907; or for personal injury, employment or class action issues, visit Barbuto & Johansson’s website at (, or call the firm at (561) 444-7980.  Their offices are located at 12773 W. Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 101, Wellington, FL 33414.

Barbuto & Johansson, Injury Lawyers