Thoughts on Mother’s Day


By Carly Cantor

Mother’s Day is, at least in my perspective, a little misunderstood. Sure, we celebrate it in schools and we buy gifts for our moms, but are we really contributing to the holiday in fullness? Few know the origin of Mother’s Day, or they refuse to look beyond the surface.

            Mother’s Day is a result of the acts of Anna Jarvis, who was inspired by her own mother’s acts of strength and kindness. Anna’s mom had organized women’s groups in which promoted health and friendship. 

            Anna Jarvis concieved Mother’s Day to honor the sacrifices our moms make for us, but do people now truly live up to that? Growing up, I always thought that Mother’s Day simply appreciated my mom for being there. I wasn’t aware of any specific reasoning, nor did I care to research it. Though I would always work my hardest to impress my mom for her special day, I wish I would have known the exact things to talk about.

            Speaking of Mother’s Day gifts, when I was younger I never really knew what to get my mom for Mother’s Day. I would struggle not only because I wanted it to be a surprise, but also because I didn’t want to disappoint her with something she wouldn’t like. Now, however, I know better than to think that way, and I know my mom will appreciate anything I do for her, but younger me would have only one go-to gift: a card. 

            I know many struggle with the same issue I had as a kid, so here are a few ideas for this Mother’s Day!

  1. Bake something. It could really be anything, cookies, cake, or brownies. It is a small act, but baking requires effort and love. A simple batch of cookies could mean the world to someone, or it could just be cute. Either way, it’s an easy but effective way to make anybody happy. 
  2.  Make a card. Making cards was my go-to method for Mother’s Day as a kid. Words can convey the most beautiful of messages, whether they’re simple or complex. Reading true feelings and emotions of love and warmth truly feels so nice, so I’m absolutely sure a mom is somebody who would appreciate it most.
  3. Buy a Gift. Material things may not appeal to everybody, but if it’s meaningful then a store-bought gift can be just as good as a home-made one. A cute mug or even new oven mitts can be thoughtful gifts, it really all depends on your mom’s interests and hobbies, so pay close attention!
  4. Create a Memory Book. Memory books have many names, like journals or scrapbooks, maybe even a photo album. Whichever version you choose to make isn’t the important part, it’s the choosing of the memories, photos, and the precise wording you’ll use to sum it up. 

            Though gifts are nice and of course the thought is always appreciated, the one thing to be made known is the love you have for your mom and how thankful you are to her sacrifices. This Mother’s Day, take time to reflect and think about what your mom has sacrificed or done for you, and thank her, she’ll appreciate it more than you know.