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Lake Worth, FL.­­–“Gourd” your loins! Ms. Randa Alami, NASM certified personal trainer and U-KRAVE fitness studio owner elevates seasonal exercise to “gourd-geous” new heights. In light of the recent pandemic, free weights have been scarce; store shelves and online shops have been depleted of inventory. The past six months have inspired fitness enthusiasts to get creative with weighty items in their homes to continue virtual work outs.  Autumn has arrived and aside from jack-o-lantern duties, carvings and decorations, this season’s favorite mottled, marbled, lumpy or bumpy pumpkins are ready for action. Like a traditional 10-pound medicine ball, a pumpkin between 8-12 pounds (based on personal strength and fitness level) is ideal to PUMP-kin up the at-home work out and get in the holiday spirit. Exercises are based on three to five rounds, 12-15 repetitions per each movement with one minute rest between rounds:


Squash Squats:

Grip the pumpkin firmly on both sides and place against your chest and below your chin.  Lower down into a “squash squat” by displacing your weight in your heels.  Push through the floor and rise back to starting position.


Shoulder PUMP-kins:

Grab the pumpkin firmly on both sides while attaining an athletic starting stance (feet shoulder width apart, slight knee bend, core tight, chest lifted).  Begin with the pumpkin under the chin and thrust it firmly and with control above the head.  Try to line arms up next to the ears at the top of the lift.  Slowly lower back down and repeat





Place pumpkin on the ground in front of you. Tap your toes one at a time to the top of the pumpkin.  Advancers can add a hop to their step; beginners can start by simply tapping one foot at a time atop the pumpkin.


BOO-ty Lifts:

Begin by gripping the pumpkin on both sides. Attain an athletic stance, (feet shoulder width apart, slight knee bend, core tight, chest lifted), and begin to hinge from the hips. Be sure to maintain a flat back and neutral spine. Rise back to standing position by driving through the heels and engaging core. Squeeze the glutes at the top.


Mummy Climbers:

Place your pumpkin on the ground in front of you.  Assume a plank position by placing both hands atop of your pumpkin.  Keeping shoulders and elbows aligned, as well as shoulders and hips, begin to tap your toes one by one just behind the pumpkin and under your chest.  Maintain a planked position and avoid sagging or rocking hips.


Walking ‘Dead’ Lunges:

Hold your pumpkin firmly in front of your chest.  Begin by stepping one foot forward into a lunge position. Continue to alternate legs.


Go big or gourd home! Not only are pumpkins a super work-out partner, but they are a superfood, rich in vitamin A, C,  and antioxidants. When the Halloween themed drills are wrapped up in early November, sweet and savory pumpkin treats can be served up to fully nourish the muscles and spirit. At a time when creativity and innovation are peaking like fall leaves, this autumnal-centric training provides  a much needed sugar and spice vibe to basic movements. Pumpkin Spice Lattes with almond milk still welcome, but gear up for multiple squash squats!



About Randa Alami

Ms. Randa Alami, is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Personal Fitness Trainer.  In addition, she is certified to teach Bootcamp/Body Sculpt/Cardio /HIIT/Spin/Kickboxing classes. Incorporating all muscle groups, core, back strength and safety, cardio/heart health and emphasizing the importance of flexibility are the crux of her fitness philosophy. Located at 5905 C State Road 7, Lake Worth, Florida 33449, U-Krave Fitness is a boutique fitness studio owned and operated by Ms. Randa Alami. Classes and personal training are scheduled Monday through Thursday, Saturday.  For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/ukrave/ or www.ukravefitness.com or call (561) 713-5519.