By Krista Martinelli

Undocumented Mexican laborers

It happened to a nineteen-year-old me.

On a cherry orchard on the side of a mountain

Flathead Lake, Montana.

Big Sky country.

They would pick the cherries and

Throw them into wooden crates.

My summer job was to go around

Picking up the filled crates in a 4×4.

I was new to driving on an extreme angle,

Down the dirt paths in between the trees.

A few days into the job I made a mistake

And jackknifed the 4 x 4.

I was about to tumble with the heavy

Piece of equipment down the mountain,

Probably to be crushed by it.

I was shaking.

They acted so fast. 

They got together and all pushed up on it.

Pure man power.

They prevented this accident.

They were making less than minimum wage.

They risked their lives getting beneath the falling 4 x 4.

Undocumented Mexican laborers.

They saved my life.