Wellington Moms Bring the Children’s Series “The Adventures of Lucky” to Life


Wellington Moms Bring the Children’s Series “The Adventures of Lucky” to Life

An Interview with Andrea Brockman

Here in Wellington a talented family, two sisters and their mom, collaborated to create an interactive children’s book series. We interviewed Andrea Brockman, who handled the concept and design details of the books.  Her sister Jamie Edelson handles the business side of the project.  And their mother, Barbara Jackson, a former school teacher, is the author of the stories.


AW: Tell us about the inspiration for “The True Story of Lucky.”

AB: In the summer of 1992, my sister brought Lucky, her FAVORITE stuffed animal, on a family vacation, and he went missing! He got twisted in the bedsheets and washed with the hotel’s laundry. After many tears, he was found and they were reunited! This true story was the inspiration for our series and is retold in our first book, Lucky’s Island Adventure. When my daughter, now 5, was a baby, we were playing with some toys and I wished there was a book that went along with them. My mom and I immediately came up with many ideas, and then it hit us, Lucky was the perfect character to tie them all together! The Adventures of Lucky® was born!

AW: How many books do you anticipate having in the series?

AB: Our first two books, Lucky’s Island Adventure and Lucky’s Outer Space Adventure are available now. Lucky’s Farm Adventure is coming soon, and there is a holiday one in the works. My mom has written many more, and each is just as cute as the next. Lucky is always getting into some sort of mischief, and there are endless possibilities for his adventures. We have BIG plans for Lucky!

AW: Why is reading a book with your preschoolers so important for parents to do?

AB: From birth, it is so important that we read to our children. It helps them with language, development, and is wonderful bonding time. Snuggled up and reading together are some of my favorite and most precious moments with my children. My mom was a preschool teacher for over 20 years, and has made the stories interactive and educational, including sight words, counting, and modes of transportation. Lucky is a fun and lovable character we know you and your little one will enjoy!

AW: Tell us about your background, your Mom’s and your sister’s.  

AB: My mom is our author and our rock! She retired from teaching preschool to help watch my daughter (and now her 3 other grandchildren). She has always had a love for teaching, and that passion shines through in all she does, including each of her books.

My sister was the inspiration for our series, and manages most of the business side of things. She has a background in marketing and management, and worked in retail management for many years.

As a Physician Assistant in Family Medicine, I have always had a passion for science, learning, and helping people. Developing the concept and many of the design details for The Adventures of Lucky® has allowed me to indulge my creative side as well.

AW: And how has it been working together on a project like this?

AB: It is a dream come true to be working together on a project that is so dear to our hearts. The many ups and downs of this journey have been softened and celebrated by our strength together. We each bring different talents and personalities, which make us productive and effective, and of course, our mom really helps hold everything together! She always had a longing to write children’s books and we work hard to help share Lucky with the world.

AW: What’s something you love about Wellington?

AB: I have lived in Wellington for 9 years, and practiced medicine here for that long as well. My family loves going to the parks and all the wonderful events the city offers, especially the Lakeside and Holiday events, Food Trucks, and Saturday Night Lights. Wellington has a sense of family and community, which gives it an almost small-town feel.

AW: Where are the books available?

AB: Building The Adventures of Lucky® from the ground up, starting in our local community and spreading out from there, has been part of our mission and business plan. We launched right before the pandemic, so just like everyone else, we have had to make some adjustments. The book sets are available on our website, TheAdventuresofLucky.com. Also, thanks to a warm reception and wonderful community support, we are excited to be in a number of local businesses, including Schaefer Drugs Wellington, The Breakers Palm Beach, Cardsmart in Lake Worth, Pineapple Kidz in Palm Beach Gardens, Hand’s Office and Art Supply in Delray Beach, Little Town Play in Delray Beach, and a number of others, with many more to come.

AW: Tell us about the packaging and the plush toys – that come with each book.

AB: We wanted the packaging to be cute, colorful, and convenient, so each set comes in a carrying case with a removeable and customizable luggage tag for any little adventurer. They each include 3 interactive plush toys:  Lucky (dressed for his adventure), his mode of transportation, and another element from the story. The toys squeak, rattle, or crinkle, which again help the child engage more with the story and capture the attention of even the littlest of readers.

AW: Tell us about your family. 

AB: My sister and I each have two young children, and we are blessed to have the help and support of our wonderful husbands and parents. Life can be very hectic, but family always comes first. We love a good family competition, travelling together, going to the beach, and our favorite family tradition is our big Sunday night dinners. Being a mom, working, and starting a business is hard work, but with the help of each other we keep smiling, laughing, and growing.

AW: Anything else you’d like to add?

AB: Giving back to our community has been important to us from the beginning. Prior to the pandemic, we volunteered at the Quantum House, a wonderful foundation for children and their families. There, we read stories, played, and did crafts with the remarkable children. We hope to go back there and to Children’s hospitals when restrictions are lifted.

Also, your support is much appreciated, you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram @theadventuresof_lucky to check out the latest with Lucky.

We hope Lucky finds a loving place in your homes and hearts as he has in ours for many, many years!