Why Earth Day is Important


By Carly Cantor

Earth is taken for granted a lot of the time. April is the month for its appreciation, and its infamous holiday, Earth Day, illustrates that compactly. When I was in elementary school, I would usually ignore, or find no interest in Earth Day when it was advertised in the hallways. 

Why is Earth Day important? It’s only a day, how can that help? This is a misconception, a fallacy, that too many believe. April is a month where throughout its entirety, many work to ameliorate our planet, not just on one single day, even though that’s when most acknowledge it. 

Earth Day, April 22, celebrates our Earth, and also the birth of the Modern Environmental Movement, formed in 1970. It spreads awareness of Earth and its issues as a whole, for example, pollution, littering, climate change, etc. 

April is a month of environmental change, not just for the 22nd, so how can you help? Here are a few activities you can partake in to contribute to April and our Earth!

  1. Beach Cleanups. The beach is absolutely filled to its brim with litter, such as plastic bottles or straws leftover by visitors. Simply bringing a trash bag, gloves, and a trash picker to the beach and picking up somebody’s trash not only benefits your environment, but also can help you get in those steps!
  2. Volunteer to clean something local. It can be anything from a street to a river, but if you are aware of a local cleanup looking for participants, do it! 
  3. Recycle. Recycling may seem like common sense to many, but for others not so much. Make sure you are recycling glass products, plastic products, tin, aluminum, and steel products, cardboard, and even paper. Another reminder to make sure those products are clean before tossing them in the recycling bin!
  4. Spread awareness to others. Even a simple “Hey, don’t forget to recycle that!” can contribute to the lessening of waste and to the improvement of our planet. While being kind to the environment on your own is also a great thing, reminding others to as well is even more beneficial. 

            Whether we like it or not, our planet is in obvious danger, and if we don’t attempt to fix the problems we have caused then it may eventually be too late. Take this month to be a part of the solution. 


Your monthly teen talk writer, Carly Cantor