Wireless Causes Cancer. Now What Do Parents Do?


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Wireless Causes Cancer. Now What Do Parents Do?

By Cece Doucette

Parent, Tech Writer & Technology Safety Educator

The National Institutes of Health just reported wireless radiation is a clear carcinogen. An Italian study at the Ramazzini Institute reported similar findings of brain and heart tumors.

Like many parents, I started figuring out that excessive screen time can hurt our children, but I had no idea today’s wireless technology could be biologically hazardous too. I’d like to share with you how I found out.

I helped revive our local education foundation and ran seven campaigns to bring technology into our schools for what the wireless industry was telling our administrators we needed for the 21st Century Classroom.

Then an electrical engineer friend read a book called “Zapped” and tipped me off there could be something up with wireless technology and health. So, I began to investigate and helped my schools become the first in the nation to take precautionary steps with wi-fi.

The Science

I was astounded to find thousands of peer-reviewed published studies all over the world showing cell phones and towers, wi-fi routers, tablets, baby monitors, gaming devices, wearables, Bluetooth — and all other wireless gadgets – send and receive data via low-level, non-thermal, non-ionizing microwave radiation that is very harmful to all living organisms.

The Risks

It turns out cancer is just the tip of the iceberg. Other studies link our ubiquitous wi-fi exposures to infertility, DNA damage, Alzheimer’s and autism. 

Many are also suffering symptoms of electrical sensitivity but most doctors in the U.S. have not been trained yet to diagnose and treat microwave illnesses.

Electrical sensitivity symptoms often include one or more of the following: insomnia, headaches, nausea, dizziness, brain fog, cognitive impairment, fatigue, muscle ache, skin heating/flushing/tingling/numbing, nosebleeds and irregular heartbeats. 

Microwave radiation hits the central nervous system especially hard, and studies show it can also cause anxiety, depression, anger, behavior issues and suicidal ideation. It can open the blood-brain-barrier too which can lead to a host of neurological abnormalities.

The science indicates children, fetuses, the elderly and those with existing health conditions are especially vulnerable.

If you or a loved one are experiencing any of these issues, you might decide it’s time to do some investigating too. 

Big Tobacco Playbook

Harvard’s Captured Agency report explains how the wireless industry has known about the harm for years, but through powerful lobbying efforts they have influenced laws to protect corporate interests over public health. Through the power of advertising dollars, they have kept the biological effects out of the media.

Public Policy Protections

Massachusetts leads the nation with eight bills to address wireless radiation and public health. It will take time for public policy to catch up with the science though, and a lot of health issues can be addressed or averted in the interim with a little education.

Why is it urgent we don’t wait? The wireless industry and the FCC are looking to fast-track installation of toxic radiation-emitting cell antennas right inside our neighborhoods for 5G and the Internet of Things before the public catches on. Our world scientists are predicting this will trigger the worst public health crisis we’ve seen.

A Quick Education for You

On this journey I have had the privilege of volunteering with leading world scientists, doctors and technologists to form a non-profit that offers on-line courses to quickly bring folks up to speed.

For less than the cost of a movie ticket (to help cover operating expenses), in a half hour Wireless Education can teach you the science, the biological risks, and choices you can make to still use technology, but safely through hard-wired connections. 

Both the Schools & Families Course and the Corporate Induction Safety Course provide a handy tip sheet at the end with best practice reminders.

Generation Zapped

After taking the Wireless Education course(s) you might consider educating your friends and family too, as well as your doctors, schools and public servants.

The new film Generation Zapped is a great way to bring everyone into the fold. It just won Best Documentary at the D.C. Independent Film Festival and is being screened around the U.S. and the globe. 

The Blake Library in Stuart, Florida held a screening in April. Perhaps, after taking the Wireless Education course(s), you will feel empowered to host a screening too and start this important conversation in your community too.