5 Scrooge Free Holiday Tips


5 Scrooge Free Holiday Tips

Ah, the holiday season is upon us.

And, although you may have the best intentions to keep your holiday season, festive and joyful…the holiday season also has a special way of turning us into a hot mess.

Scrooge won’t approve of these tips, but maybe you will:


  1. Delegate Tasks During Big Events Create a chore sign-up sheet for close family members and friends. Let them choose the task they are going to be responsible for. Include tasks like: pre-party set-up, food prep, washing dishes, packing up and storing left-overs, trash pick-up and post-party clean-up. Be careful how you ask or you will sound like Scrooge. Keep a team spirit.


  1. Manage Your Party Schedule Don’t say “yes” to every party invitation. Consider your work, family, spiritual, and self-care commitments FIRST and then choose the parties that fit within your schedule. Scrooge would say NO to all of them, but when you say YES wisely, you will be able to fully enjoy.


  1. Stretch Your Dollar Look for ways to reduce the gifting. Sorry Scrooge, we will still be gifting, only using a Family Gift Exchange instead of all the buying. In your immediate family, draw the name of just one family member and purchase a gift with a preset amount. Also, keep in mind, family members are happy to have less “stuff” or may rather one more significant gift versus several smaller ones. Another option is volunteering or performing acts of kindness as a family, in lieu of gifts. Be Scrooge free and exempt family members under a certain age.


  1. Honor Your Time The holidays are all about the impact you are creating, not perfection. Plan ahead, but keep it simple. List what you need to do each week (and then each day) to stay on track. Make a list of the supplies you need, including gifts and groceries. Plan trips to the store during non-peak hours. Also, do not be afraid to ask for help. Use delivery services, even Amazon has food these days.


  1. Stay Centered and Calm A cluttered mind leads to a chaotic life. Start your day journaling for twenty minutes. This allows you to set your intentions for the day, count your blessings, create your game plan for the day, and get perspective on your emotions. This practice is good for any time of the year…not just the holidays 🙂


Have any tips to add? Reach out and let me know how you stay Scrooge Free during this busy time.

Wishing you blessings and joy during this holiday season and always.


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