By John F. Rifenberg

          My mind lives this fabulous life; it’s full of achievement, love and being a great person to all. My pants still fit and my smile is perfect and I still need to carry a comb. Then the sun crests over the horizon and my day starts. My mind is filled with the daily duties of the day, which of course my body must follow. Lately there is a problem with this system between body and mind. The mind is not getting its message to the body which I have ridden like an old work horse. This mind seems to think that my body is still a young stallion. But not everything is working exactly right and in unison with body and mind. This body has stood the test of time! At sunset it becomes clear to me that a body can’t be forced to live the life of a mind. I must now think to myself, am I a body or am I a mind riding a horse named Body?


John Rifenberg is co-chairman of the writing group of Royal Palm Beach. He has just finished his newest book “The Alphabet Out of Order,” which is an assortment of stories and poems, including his award winning short stories.