April, 2009


A Letter From the Editor – April, 2009

Dear Around Wellington® Readers, Krista Martinelli

Happy April! Welcome to AroundWellington.com! This is our new venue for bringing you the best of “Around Wellington” news and photos. And it’s a funny thing. Ever since I announced that we were making the move from print to online, I’ve realized that it’s happening all over. We’re in good company with some excellent large publications and small ones, doing the same thing.

First, let’s highlight some of the new features that you’ll find. You’ll get a glimpse of things happening “Around Wellington” each month when you click on “Around Wellington in Pictures!” You can also find many photos of local events on our home page. We will hear the latest in what’s happening in the theater world and beyond from writer Glenn Swift with his “Cultural Corner” each month. Normally we’ll hear from Karen Gant, who has written about both culture and real estate in the past for this publication, in a new monthly column titled “The Gant Rant.” This month she takes a turn instead with our “Neighborhood Scoop,” a little view into one of the neighboring communities in the area of Forest Hill and 441. She focuses on Versailles…and next month, another writer will give us an update on Olympia. Let me know if you live in one of the neighboring communities and would like to write about your neighborhood.

I’m happy to say that we will alternate between two experts in the area of “Health & Fitness” each month, giving us valuable tips . . . Cheryl Alker and Veronica Moister. Also new this month is our “Kids’ Corner,” featuring a Word Scramble on the subject of “going green” and a cute story, submitted to me by an 8th grader. Speaking of green, we will also have two talented writers alternating with a column called “Living Green,” Tricia Chasinoff and Jathy Garcia. Another fun monthly column new this month is “Mommy Moments,” and three writers will take turns at this one: Melanie Lewis, Heather Landstrom and yours truly. By the way, I’m going to be maintaining this online magazine as a stay-at-home mom with my two toddlers. Wish me luck! A couple more new monthly links are “The Space Room” by Anna Sanclement, “Everything Sci-Fi and a Little Astronomy” and the “Poem of the Month.” This is truly YOUR local publication, so if you happen to be an aspiring poet, send us your stuff! Last but not least, we’ve included the local Weather, thanks to the request of a couple of our readers. Good stuff!

By the way, you could be the lucky winner of a great $50 gift certificate! Just participate in our Contest between April 1st – 10th.

So what else is new? We offer AW Coupons, some great local business coupons that you can print out and use. The monthly Calendar of Events includes MORE local events than ever before! Still being developed but coming soon is our Community Bulletin Board, a Craig’s List type of place for your classified type of ads, focused on our Wellington/Royal Palm Beach areas. Also, please check out our Marketing Menu (of Services) if you are a local business in need of marketing assistance.

Continuing on this month are some other great columns that you are already familiar with: Ask the Docs, As I Was Saying, Astrology at Work, Cantankerously Yours, Pet Talk, Teen Talk and Travel with Terri!

How do you “subscribe?” Simply go to the “Subscribe” link and provide a bit of information, including your email address. If you’re receiving Around Wellington emails, then you are already subscribed. We do not share our email list with any other entity!

When it comes to computer viruses, we now have a lot of experience with them! In the last couple of weeks of getting this site re-designed, my wonderful website designer Andrea got a bad case of it. So we are behind in a few of things that were planned, but the worst of all of that is behind us now. There is a danger of an April 1st computer virus, spreading like wildfire, but we’re hoping it’s just an April Fool’s joke.

By the way, I’ve had a couple of birthday photos sent in to me by mail with no information attached. We can’t include these, unless you provide the child’s name (just first name is fine), birthday and how many years old he or she will be. Include your phone number too, as it’s always safer that way. And keep emailing them and sending them in! THANKS to you, our dear readers, for your input and participation!

THANKS so much to our Advertisers for sticking with us in this totally new format! I truly appreciate your trust in the quality of our content and the loyalty of our Around Wellington readers.

Please feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you think of the online version of the magazine: aroundwellington@earthlink.net. THANKS as always!

Krista Martinelli, Editor

ATTENTION ASPIRING WRITERS! We have opportunities to write for the “Neighborhood Scoop” and the “Poem of the Month.”

ATTENTION YOUNG WRITERS! There’s a great opportunity to send in your story for our “Kids’ Corner!” Contact Krista Martinelli at the email address above.