April, 2009 – Astrology at Work in your Life

by Karola Crawford


April 2009

Happy Birthday to Aries! Now that the warm weather is upon us again, the fiery energy of Aries can be seen outdoors with friends, demonstrating a strong will, abundant vitality and great initiative. The power of the Aries leadership is not easily swayed by the opinions or desires of others as they manifest a strong determination to choose their own course in life. Most Aries have a clear view of what they want and are extremely individualistic. Their abundant energy and strong recuperative powers help them overcome physical ailments and afflictions of every nature.

Aries are ambitious for success and will work long and hard to achieve personal distinction and esteem in the eyes of the world. It is a paramount necessity for them to feel that they are persons of much importance and distinction. Mars is the Ruler of Aries and helps this fire sign to be assertive, independent, impulsive and impatient, with a strong organizing ability and self confidence.

Since your ruler is now in the sensitive sign of Pisces you will experience strong emotions arising from the unconscious mind. Do not repress anger, but allow for physical outlets, though you may not have as much energy at this time as you usually have. You may even need some quiet time to yourself to process your feelings, which may feel strange to your usually assertive demeanor. Allow time for yourself, get a massage to stimulate your mind and body and enjoy a less hectic schedule. You certainly deserve it.

Taurus – Your practical nature is enhanced and you will find more practical financial applications. Common sense is something that you have going for you and your mind is shrewd and naturally inclined towards management at this time. Though you are slow to form opinions, your power of concentration will make it almost impossible to change your mind once you have set upon a course of action. Try to be flexible.

Gemini – You have excess energy to expend, both mentally and physically, and your exuberant nature is at an all-time high. Use this time to communicate easily, rapidly and accurately in both speech and writing. Your eloquence and clarity will shine.

Cancer – Changes beyond your imagination are manifesting in your life and holding on won’t cancel these effects. Let go and allow life to take you where it needs to go. The changes that are occurring have been in the making for many years and when you are totally honest, you aren’t totally surprised by them after all.

Leo – Self-deception in relationships may be prominent at this time and you may feel a strong desire to escape from everyday activities. You may benefit from visiting a good friend at this time or seek a therapeutic relationship to put your mind at ease.

Virgo – You are more practical, exacting and hardworking than you usually are at this time. Your concern with detail, accuracy, precision and efficiency is going to be rewarded, but do not overwork yourself or others. Pay attention to the large picture when you find yourself concerned with excessive details.

Libra – Enthusiasm and sparkle in social gatherings will help you stand out of the crowd. Try not to be competitive when pursuing the affection of others, and keep a positive and cheerful attitude. You could be very creative at this time so direct your attention to art.

Scorpio – Being so strong on the outside is not conducive to others getting to know the inner you. The current transiting planets have you wanting to share feelings with that special someone, so go for it and allow the transformation to take place. You will learn much about the way that the wonderful you really works on the inside.

Sagittarius – If you are feeling the effects of sudden change happening in both your work and your relationship, then you are right on track. Remember that you are in control of the changes, though they may seem to come from the outside and almost force your hand.

Capricorn – At this time your political and economic influence and power is stronger than usual and your ambition will carry you through to your goal. You recognize that all human beings must be given a chance to develop their own potential according to their ability. Allow yourself to be a conduit for positive change.

Aquarius – Your moral values are more universal, impartial and democratic and your desire to share spiritually with people from all walks of life is enhanced. Kudos to your tolerance and understanding that all do not live by the same lifestyle or have the same value system. Share your knowledge with others as much as you can.

Pisces – Enhanced intuitive abilities grace the workings of your unconscious mind. Allow the outlet to be meditation, yoga and prophetic dreams. Seek liberation from the mental and emotional influence of the past and rise to a higher identity.

Karola Crawford, MAFA, has been a certified Astrologer for 22 years. She has cast charts for clients all over the world and also practices Holistic medicine, Yoga, Shiatsu, Reiki, Auricular Acupucture and is an accomplished artist. Where does she get all of her energy? A grand trine in fire, of course. Karola can be reached at 561-615-1591 or by visiting the web site at www.karolacrawford.com.