The Battle of Two Cakes at Toojay’s


The Case For Two Pieces Of Cake On One Plate

By Frannie Sheridan

The Flufendorfs of New Jersey had been happily married for twenty-four years. To be precise it was twenty-four years, three days, eleven minutes and six seconds. Mrs. Margaret Flufendorf had been counting down the moments.

     The problem wasn’t unique to a marital breakdown: she and her husband Fred had given their careers, parenting and complaining priority.

     So here they were on their lunch breaks, both driving separate SUV’s, en route to their first appointment with a divorce attorney. They both felt down-hearted and hungry.

     Margaret intended to have her assistant order her a pastrami sandwich when she got back to the office, and Fred was going to run into Toojays for a bowl of chicken soup. He pulled into their Wellington, Florida location and headed inside.

      As luck would have it, Margaret, who had been waiting for a full five minutes at a stoplight adjacent to that Toojay locale, (which now brought their marriage to twenty-four years, sixteen minutes and six seconds) realized that the light was stuck. As the police arrived to help wave the traffic through, her stomach seemed to make a decision for her and she found herself turning into the Toojays parking lot.

        Let’s fast-forward past their tearful conversation next to the deli counter to when they were sitting across from each other sharing one plate which contained a slice of key lime pie as well as a strawberry cheesecake. It was a risk. If the dessert had been crappy, they wouldn’t have considered cancelling their appointment with the divorce attorney. But as their blood sugar rose and their hearts warmed, they texted the barrister “sorry but we won’t be coming”.

         “I’ve missed you my morsel of yumminess!” coo’d Fred.

       Margaret gurgled happily, reaching for his hand.

     And so, Toojays two-cake-one-plate option has become their naughty weekly lunchtime secret. Not only has their marriage blossomed, but the two-plate practice eliminated a concern they’d had to replace the worn cushions on their sofa since courtesy of their new indulgence, the Flufendorf’s have attained a little natural extra bottom-padding of their own.

      The 2-cake option has helped strengthen many people, married and otherwise. There was the case of Mary-Ann-Peter-Sara-Attila who was born with MPD(multiple personality disorder). Having five distinct personalities, she/she/he/she/he often enjoyed two plates of the one-plate-two-cake option at Toojays, as an effort to feed four of her personalities. Her fifth personality was horrendous. That was Attila who believed he was actually Attila The Hun. He was not a sweet guy so it follows that he was not fond of cake. However, after her four other upbeat personalities delighted in the two-cake per plate option they always left Toojays feeling perky, as did the waiter who was thrilled to be allotted a quadruple tip from only one patron.

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