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December, 2013 – The Thrilling Adventures of Task Man

“Galloping Greyhounds!” I bellowed, for that was my superhero rallying cry when duty called. The dust and crud that had accumulated on the refrigerator vent plate wasn’t going anywhere without a fight.

November, 2013 – The BBQ Meatloaf and Bavarian Cream Puff Diet

But the thing is, The BBQ Meatloaf and Bavarian Cream Puff Diet has changed my life.

October, 2013 – The Stoning

Alan Williamson is an award-winning writer with 27 years in the field of true fiction (advertising).

September, 2013 – Big Ed

My father-in-law and I were about as opposite as you could get. Ed Lisoski was a night owl, always finding a reason to stay up well past midnight.

July, 2013 – Heart Throb

As I Was Saying   Heart Throb By Alan Williamson Most days I wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, toss back some coffee, go to work and...

June, 2013 – Guest List

As I Was Saying Guest List   By Alan Williamson “Your room is waiting,” my wife cheerfully tells friends and relatives in far-flung corners of the country. It’s...

May, 2013 – Alan is Now Friends with Thor

Facebook addicts will confirm that it all begins innocently enough.

April, 2013 – Dim The Lights, Cue The Dash Cam

And when I come back to get the headlights fixed, I’m bringing you my ticket for causing temporary blindness in a police officer by excessively flashing my high beams.

March, 2013 – As I Was Saying

Stray Thoughts: Emptying the Think Tank

February, 2013 – Incidentally

My day at the dentist always follows the same script.