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February, 2012 – Valentine’s Day

Dear Dr. Z., Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I really want to do something special for my wife to show her how much I love her. However, every year I fall into the same trap. I spend weeks over-thinking what I should buy or do but no ideas ever seem good enough.

January, 2012 – Worried to Wed in the New Year

Dear Dr. Z., My fiancé and I are planning on getting married in early 2012. We have been together for 3 years and we definitely love each other. However, I worry sometimes that we might not make it as a couple in the long run because we fight too much.

December, 2011 – Caregiver Burnout

Dear Dr. Z- About a year ago, my husband and I moved my mother into our home to live with us and our two children, ages 7 and 11. We made the decision at that time that she could no longer live at home because she was beginning to demonstrate some early signs of dementia. Over the course of the year her symptoms have worsened.

November, 2011 – Picky Eater

Dear Dr “Z”, I have a 4-year-old son, Jake, and he can be a very picky eater. He eats only a hand full of items, like chicken nuggets, waffles, and French fries. Jake doesn’t eat any green vegetables and will eat carrots on occasion, only if they are raw and he can dunk them in dressing.

October, 2011 – Nervous Nelly

I have always considered myself somewhat of a nervous person but I find that I have grown increasingly more anxious lately and it is starting to interfere with my day to day life.

September, 2011 – Back-to-School Blues

Dear Dr. “Z”- It is back to school time and every year I go through so much stress getting my children ready for school.

July, 2011 – The “D” Word

My husband and I have been having a really hard time in our marriage and we have begun to fling around the “divorce” word.

June, 2011 – Ask Dr. Z

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May, 2011 – Making Time for Candy Land

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April, 2011 – Ask Dr. Z

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