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February, 2011 – Family Medical and Wellness Center

AW Spotlight   FAMILY MEDICAL AND WELLNESS CENTER   Putting Wellness First   Story by Krista Martinelli     Since beginning their own practice in 2008, doctors Lesley Glover and Vanessa Vizcaino have...

August, 2013 – The South Florida Science Center and Aquarium

The South Florida Science Center and Aquarium, newly renovated and re-named, has recently made a “big splash” in the news! They made a strategic decision, after a lot of visitor surveys, to focus on expanding their aquarium area with their recent renovation and the result is beautiful!

December, 2014 – Eric. H. Light, Attorney at Law

There are plenty of lawyers to choose from these days, but attorney Eric Light offers that special, personal connection that so many professionals lack.

June, 2011 – Picasso’s Paint-Your-Own Pottery

It’s a great experience – to select a pottery piece, paint it and the come back about a week later to find their beautiful finished piece that has been fired in the kiln.

March, 2013 – Black Sparrow Pirate Adventures

Do you ever feel like it would be more fun to go through life as a pirate? Well, if you’ve been on a pirate cruise with Black Sparrow Pirate Adventures, you will know that it’s true

Father Joseph – Building and Re-Building Haiti

Father Joseph – Building and Re-Building Haiti from the Ground Up An Interview with Father Joseph of Haiti and John Honaman, CEO of the U....

August, 2010 – Playmobil and Lechuza, Two Great Brands!

AW Spotlight Playmobil® and Lechuza® - Two Great Brands in One Location By Krista Martinelli     If you happen to have a young child in your house, you...

November, 2012 – The Good Earth Farm

The Good Earth Farm is a beautiful place, just about ten minutes outside of Wellington, where you can get to see animals that have been extremely well-cared for, take a hayride or give your child a pony ride.

Get to Know the Cities of Latvia

Travel with Terri Get to Know the Cities of Latvia Story and Photos by Terri Marshall Latvian poet Maris Caklais once said, "I am rich, I own...

February, 2016 – ITEX, Barter Smarter with ITEX Dollars

I interviewed Scott Ebberbach to catch up on what’s going on with ITEX, “the Cashless Marketplace” and asked him why “barter is better.”