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October, 2012 – Vizcaya

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, located at 3251 South Miami Avenue in the north Coconut Grove area, is one of the most magnificent museums in the continental United States

A Power Never Lost

Cultural Corner A Power Never Lost By Angela Shaw When this article posts, Hurricane Irma may be a distant memory. But I have a hunch that for...

July, 2013 – Embrace the Art of Summer

The ability to "start fresh" is always enticing. We often say, “I was that graduate, I was that bride or groom.” What happens to our mindset thereafter?

May, 2015 – My Mother’s Day Wish

Motherhood has been time-consuming, and I would not trade it for anything in the world. My readers know, that I often refer to my children as my "greatest productions."

April, 2009 – 33rd Annual Carbonell Award Nominations

CULTURAL CORNER by Glenn Swift   33rd Annual Carbonell Award Nominations   At the end of last year, when the future of the Carbonell Awards seemed in doubt due...

May, 2014 – Not Your Mother’s Hudson River School

As a child I was fortunate to have taken field trips to museums all over New York City. In addition, my father loved the Metropolitan Museum of Art and he would bring me there on occasion

June, 2010 – Interviews with Lisa Loeb and Marco Ramirez

City Theatre’s Summer Shorts Festival   Interviews with Songwriter Lisa Loeb and Playwright Marco Ramirez   By Marla E. Schwartz     This summer marks the 15h Anniversary Season for Miami’s...

March, 2010 – The PB Poetry Festival

The Palm Beach Poetry Festival   Plan Ahead for Next Year…and Get Inspired   By Marla E. Schwartz   I fell in love with poetry when I was a little...

November, 2015 – What Defines You?

Cultural Corner What Defines You? By Lori Hope Baumel We live in a world where tweets, selfies, Instagram and Facebook posts depict a façade of the way we...

2020: As Unpredictable as…Trading Sardines

2020: As unpredictable as… Trading Sardines By Lori Hope Baumel “There’s no better satisfaction than playing a piece well, whether the instrument is a piano or the markets.” – Linda...