Thursday, July 9, 2020

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March, 2013 – Jolie DeMarco

This idea of experiencing these shifts and communicating with spirits from the light is the basis of two books written by Jolie DeMarco, locally based author, Certified Angel Messenger TM, Clairvoyant, Medium, Empath, Channel Messenger of the Light, Reiki Master, Intuitive, Automatic writer, Crystal healer and energetic Light Tunnel conduit

March, 2015 – Peak Season

It is PEAK season and difficult to comprehend how many events there are to see this month. If you are an NBA sports and cultural arts fan then you best get out your calendar and try to squeeze in as much as you can.

The Podcast Nation

The Podcast Nation By Lori Hope Baumel   It began with Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me!, the iconic quiz show on National Public Radio (NPR). No longer did...

A Summer of Enrichment

A Summer of Enrichment By Lori Hope Baumel Is it just me or are the days, weeks and months flying by quickly? Didn’t the school year...

October, 2015 – Put Your Head in the Cloud!

If you are a lover of all things beautiful, great and small, then you probably have a cache of at least a thousand pictures stored in your smartphone.

The light at the end of the tunnel: Dr. Ming Wang

The light at the end of the tunnel:  An interview with the prominent Dr. Ming Wang   The Right Place . . .  The Right Time By...
My First Record

April, 2014 – Was Then Better Than Now?

Cultural Corner Was Then Better Than Now? By Lori Hope Baumel I don’t check Facebook that frequently (as it can be habit forming), but it is a...

June, 2012 – Rumer Willis Steps into the Spotlight

Rumer Willis, the daughter of acting legends Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, made a stunning entrance on the red carpet at the Miami International Film Festival 2012

Not your Grandmother’s Oklahoma!

Not your Grandmother’s Oklahoma! By  Lori Hope Baumel With competition from an overabundance of social content, theater producers have had to step up their game. Attending a...

May, 2012 – Shortcuts 2

The Playgroup llc, kicks off its second year with SHORTCUTS 2, a program of nine short plays by local playwrights.