We blame the cake for our decision to wed at the fabulous Highland Beach hotel on the sand 10 years, ago July 17th!!! Seriously.

Half a year prior to our nuptials, as we gobbled decadent bite after bite of the mouth-watering chocolate yumminess, while relaxing on the hotel’s restaurant patio, hubby and I looked at each other with full mouths, pointed at the delish dessert and simultaneously announced, “wedding cake!”

I swallowed and smiled. “If they allow us to serve it at our wedding we’ll do it here. On the sand, by the ocean.”

“Perfect,” he replied.

Fast forward to the eve of our marriage. Dancing with our small wedding group of just under forty (and I’m delighted to say that editor Krista Martinelli was one of our guests)? in between bites of the divine chocolate creation, while the full moon shone on the ocean couldn’t have been more magical.

The hotel is now called The Delray Sands, and the SAME cake is still available for birthdays and anniversaries. A fantastic reason to celebrate at their lovely establishment while watching the waves. Well, we just had to relive our chocolate union on our 10th!



The Delray Sands website:


We are pleased to have Real-Life married sweethearts Frannie and Dani, who are also Dessert Critics appropriately called ‘The Sweethearts’, add a little sweetness to Around Wellington with their playful, yummy weekly 3-5 minute dessert video reviews.  

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