Happy July and August, 2017!


Happy July and August, 2017! 

Getting ready to teach.


It’s that time of year when things start to slow down Around Wellington.  The heat index is a killer right about now, and yesterday it was at 107 degrees.  The equestrian events are not in season, and the kids are home for the summer.  If you’re going to do something outside, it better involve water, or else you might keel over from the heat. 

As for me, things are not slowing down.  I’ve decided to make a major career change from being a corporate copywriter to being a middle school Language Arts teacher.  So I’m making trips to the dollar store to find decorations for the classroom and brushing up on books like Treasure Island, Peter Pan and Black Beauty. 

Am I crazy to throw myself into a den of 6th and 7th graders?  Quite possibly.  Hormones will be raging.  Bullying might happen.  But at the same time, I wanted to put my heart into what I do.  It’s important to make a difference.  So instead of making tiny changes to the copy on office essentials for print catalogs that no one under 70 years of age will probably read (Hello, there’s the Internet), I’ve decided to share my enthusiasm for writing with kids.  And I must admit, I’m getting excited just in the planning stages.

So what will happen with AroundWellington.com a few of you have asked.  It will keep on keeping on.  THANKS to a tremendously talented staff, including volunteers, I can still manage Around Wellington.  It’s been going strong for 11 years and continues to grow. 

For July, we were happy to bring you the story of Eagle Arts Academy and their unique approach to education, infusing arts and technology into learning.  For August, we will have a story about what’s new at the Palm Beach Zoo.  There are a lot of new developments going on there, and it’s literally a “cool” place to be in the summer. 

As usual, please check out our many stories brought to you by our AroundWellington team of writers.  THANKS as always to Carol Porter for some great photos of local events – see “Photo Galleries.”  And coming soon, we will have another special video, produced by Monica Kallas of SharpShooter Marketing Group.

Thanks for your support and participation.  And see you Around Wellington!




Krista Martinelli