How to Cope with Stress


How to Cope with Stress

Teens have a lot of stress when it comes down to school, work, or social life. But sometimes teens can have a hard time coping with this stress. In fact, according to an article done by The Atlantic, “they found that 49 percent of students reported feeling “a great deal of stress” on a daily basis. Half reported doing three or more hours of homework per night, and 26 percent noted that they had been diagnosed with depression—over four times the national average of 6 percent”.  I personally have had a lot of stress in my life and over the years I have found out about many effective ways to cope and get rid of my anxiety.

Here are some techniques you can use on a daily basis:

Visualization in music: Listening to music for 10-15 minutes can reduce stress and anxiety almost immediately. Just sitting back and visualizing a happy place can solve any worry that may come to mind.

Breathing exercises: When stressed, we often forget to take deep breaths or start hyperventilating. Try taking a deep breath while clenching your fists and count to five and then release and breathe out for five seconds. Making some tea afterwards is also a good idea, like chamomile.

Get active: Getting involved in sports or going to a gym can release stress and any bottled-up emotions. For example, running and swimming are good ways to get your mind off of things (and not to mention good cardio).  Being active will not only help with stress but encourage a good well-being. I think it’s important to have an outlet and it doesn’t necessarily have to be physical. An example of a non-physical outlet (although it’s quite a workout to perform in heels) is debate class. It’s a good way to be distracted and focus your energy on a more competitive level.

Find the root of the problem and speak up: We often avoid problems and situations relating to the past because we don’t want to deal with or recreate that stress in our heads, so we block it out. When finding the root to the problem we often act out in a negative way. It is also important to talk it out and communicate with our loved ones.

School and work feels like they just get tougher every year, but at the end of the day we all deal with the monster called anxiety. It may seem hard to overcome at first, but just know that only you can control it and anxiety is just a feeling in your mind. The next time you feel stressed, follow these techniques and don’t be afraid to live your life to its fullest.