Insuring Your Success: Alan Fabricant


Insuring Your Success: Alan Fabricant

By Krista Martinelli

Alan Fabricant

Alan Fabricant is an expert in insurance and finance – he’s been in the business since 1977. He is a Registered Financial Consultant with strengths in financial, retirement, estate and business planning, as well as employee benefits.  He says there are three things that can happen to a person: 1) You can die prematurely, 2) You can become disabled or 3) You can live too long and outlive your money.  His question for you is, “In the event of any of those three things, what do you want to see happen to yourself, your family, your legacy?”

Most people think that insurance is prohibitively expensive, but Alan makes it clear that it’s not. The insurance you design  based on your phase of life, plus what you can afford. “I’m an architect,” says Alan. “Do you want a 3-bedroom house?  Do you want a swimming pool? Do you want a tennis court? Tell me what you want, and I can design it so that everybody’s comfortable.” He uses the analogy well and has years of knowledge and experience to back it up.

Alan Fabricant started out in 1977 at Connecticut General, which had the best training available in the industry. Later the company merged with Insurance Company of North America to become Cigna. Alan became a life member of Cigna’s Honor Table Society as well as a life member of the Investment Leaders Club. In 1988, he joined Guardian Life Insurance Company where he was a member of their Leader’s Club and a member of the President’s Council. He then joined MetLife in 2008.  While working as a Sales Advisor, he mentored new agents and also taught classes to the agents and CPAs on Estate Planning, Business Continuity Planning and Retirement Planning. In 2013 Alan started his own firm alfabfinancial. In addition, he is a Life Member of the Million Dollar Round Table.


He partners with his son Evan, who’s located in Mechanicsville, Virginia, to bring the best possible options to clients. Alan’s son tagged along with him on sales calls early on in life.  He concluded, “When I saw my father being successful and living his life, I said that’s what I want to do.”  Both Evan and Alan have been recognized as top financial planners.

I asked Alan about the importance of Long Term Care Insurance, one of his products. “With modern medicine and people living longer, statistics show that 70% of the people who live past 65 will need it,” says Alan. It’s not as easy these days to find Long Term Care Insurance, as four major insurance companies no longer sell it.  People generally start looking at Long Term Care Insurance for themselves at the age of 50 and up.  However, the sandwich generation – the ones who take care of kids and their aging parents – tend to buy policies in their 30s and 40s with their parents in mind.

The Sandwich Generation

Alan offers one hybrid product that he refers to as the Swiss Army knife of insurance policies.  One major benefit is the premium is guaranteed to never increase. It covers chronic illness, critical illness (stroke, cancer, organ transplant) or if you die, your family gets the remaining balance. “It’s the best product I’ve seen after 42 years in the business,” says Alan. “It’s the most comprehensive, most user-friendly and the rates will never go up.”

Not only does it have a guaranteed death benefit to a specific age between 95 and 121, which is chosen by the insured at the time of issue, it also has a Cash-Out rider which allows the policy to be fully surrendered at the 15th, 20th or the 25th policy anniversary in exchange for a return of up to 100% of the premiums paid. This benefit is among the highest in the industry. Read more about it on his website:

Depending on your stage in life, explains Alan, you can decide what is best to insure. In his article “What to Insure: The Golden Eggs or the Goose That Lays Them?” Alan says that first and foremost it makes sense to insure “the goose,” your income.  Your most valuable asset is not your house, your car or any one thing – it’s your ability to make a living. If you start insuring when your child is a baby, you can pull out money for the child’s education later, if needed. You can pull out money for retirement as well, and if it’s set up properly, it will be tax-free. Alan has shown accountants how insurance products can work better than a Roth IRA.  Alan explains, “We represent many of the biggest and best providers that will give you the most comprehensive (own occupation, coverage to Age 70, unisex rates and highest monthly benefit amounts) in the industry.”

Alan Fabricant’s office is located in the Nexus Center in Lake Worth and he meets with clients by appointment only. He is available to meet for a confidential, complimentary review of your current situation. He will work with you and your tax or legal advisers to help select the most appropriate planning and product solutions to suit your specific needs.

About Alan

Alan and his wife Ellen have been married for over 50 years. They met at the University of Toledo. “I was from Brooklyn and she was from the Bronx, so Toledo was the perfect palace to meet.” They have two kids – Evan Fabricant who lives in Virginia with his wife and two kids; and Jamie Becker who lives in Potomac, Maryland with her husband and one child.  Alan and his wife have traveled to over 50 countries on all seven continents.

In addition to being an insurance and financial planner, Alan Fabricant is an award-winning, nationally recognized photographer. His love for photography began at the University of Toledo as the Assistant Sports Editor for the school newspaper. However, it wasn’t until 1998 when he started to become a serious photographer, just prior to a safari trip to Africa.  Living near West Point, Alan was able to photograph Army football games from the sidelines. Highlights include shooting three Army-Navy games.

Since moving to Florida in 2004, Alan has received Honorable Mention in The Palm Beach Post’s annual Nature competition, has had two of his photos in their Annual Nature Calendar and has been published in FloridaWeek magazine for horse jumping and polo photos. His photos appear in The Palm Beach Post, Sidelines magazine, Wellington The Magazine, the Town Crier and yes,  In 2015, Alan’s photo “Out of the Dust” shown on the home page of his photo website – finished in the Top 20 of over 1,500 entries of Leica’s Fotografie International competition. In 2013 he received first place in the Animals category in the Sandisk and Popular Photography national contest.

Recent photo by Alan Fabricant for of the CV Whitney Cup Final

Alan was one of the few photographers to photograph Prince Harry playing polo in a charity event held at Valiente Farms. He was also able to arrange a one-on-one interview for with Nacho Figueras, polo player, model for Polo Fragrances and supporter of Prince Harry’s charity. “Alan is top-notch and a pleasure to work with,” says Krista Martinelli, editor of

Orange Peels by Alan Fabricant

Whether you need a great insurance product, insightful financial planning or a best-in-class photographer, you can contact Alan Fabricant, who lives in Wellington and works in Lake Worth.

Alan Fabricant

Phone: (561) 319-7412

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