Reasons That Muay Thai Training Can Be Beneficial For Kids


Reasons That Muay Thai Training Can Be Beneficial For Kids

By Beatrix Potter

Muay Thai is a Thai phrase that translates to ‘Thai Boxing’ meaning that it is the equivalent of Western boxing in Thailand. People in Thailand have embraced Muay Thai for hundreds and hundreds of years but it has only been recently that the sport has found its feet in countries globally as one of the most popular fighting styles in the world. The style involves use of the whole body and can, at its peak, be an immensely powerful fighting style that will leave any untrained opponent in a lot of trouble. Of course, the actual use of any martial arts rarely has to do with actual brawling. Instead, it is the side benefits that make learning muay thai so appealing. And that appeal shouldn’t be reserved only for adults. Children can get a great deal from studying muay thai. Let’s take a look at that claim in more detail.

Learning Respect

Thai culture is one of the least influenced by the west in existence today. It embraces pure Buddhist teachings and has societal structures that emphasize experience and the importance of respecting elders for their inherent wisdom. “In learning muay thai, a child might learn a great deal about respecting their instructor and recognizing their own weaknesses in a way that drives them to have a greater level of respect for those above them”, says Tomas Leung, sports writer at Assignment Help and BigAssignments. Learning the value of respect can be immensely helpful for kids and ought to shape them into more responsible, smarter adults.

Self-Defense Training

Having some ability in defending yourself physically is a skill that everyone should have really. Though, in general, there are few times where it is really necessary, life is unpredictable and it can throw up scenarios that you would never predict or prepare for normally. These are the times when having some fight training could be the difference between escaping a situation and getting badly hurt. Many parents would feel a lot more comfortable about their children if they knew that they were able to defend themselves in the unlikely scenario where it was necessary to do so. Muay thai is one of the most versatile fighting styles and could be a skill that will really help your child out in their later life.

Learning The Value Of Goal Setting

Fighters in muay thai operate on a system of setting goals, both for their overall development and even within fights on a micro level. This is a really helpful way to get your child thinking about learning and development. “Setting goals and actually following through on them is a life skill that many adults even lack, let alone children. But muay thai can be a really good organic method for helping your children to learn this skill”, explains Jemima Rose, lifestyle blogger at Academized and Paper Fellows. Parents would instantly see the value in this for their child, especially in retrospect. It’s a hard trait to generate in a child and muay thai really enhances your chances.

Helping Fitness

Ok, admittedly this is true of almost all martial arts, but it doesn’t detract from the fact that getting your kid doing muay thai can be a real boon to their fitness. We live in an era where childhood obesity and general unhealthiness is at a peak. Muay thai training can be exhausting and is a really good way to help keep your kids fit and strong. If it’s something that you really help them develop a love of muay thai then it could be their way of staying fit for the rest of their lives, which they would thank you for down the line.

A Boost To Confidence

Sometimes kids can really struggle with self-esteem as they go through school. It can be really difficult for kids, especially in the face of bullying of any sort and the naturally competitive and sometimes vicious schoolyard atmosphere that exists at a lot of different schools. As such, muay thai can help dispel any damaged self-confidence and teach your child to believe in themselves and their own personal ability to deal with problems and overcome hurdles as they arise.


Overall, muay thai may not seem the most obvious of things to get your kid started on. But, in reality, children can learn a plethora of different skills all under the umbrella of training in muay thai, too many to even fully get to in this list.


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