July/August, 2010 – Happy Summer!


Letter from the Editor 


July/August, 2010



Dear Around Wellington Readers,


Happy Summer to you all!  And Happy 4th of July!pskrista-camel


If you’ve been dying to just relax with a good book, maybe you’ll find a little quiet time by the pool or the beach this summer finally. Writer Marla Schwartz gives us an extensive article with excellent summer reading suggestions. She highlights Florida authors, as well as other authors who set their scene in Florida or touch upon Florida within their stories.  Personally I just finished reading “Big Russ and Me” by the late, great Tim Russert, which I loved as a great Father’s Day themed book. As usual I was in a quandary about “what to read next.” So I simply printed out Marla’s article “Summertime, a Great Time for Books” and I’ll take it with me on my next trip to the library. 


If you haven’t heard, there’s a new Amphitheatre in Wellington, right by the Wellington Community Center, and the grand opening day is Saturday, July 3rd.  Admission is free!  The renovated Wellington Aquatic Complex also has free admission on July 3rd from 10am to 5pm.  Meanwhile, many festivities are planned for the Amphitheatre grand opening day from 3pm to 10pm, including bounce houses, hula hooping contests, musical guests and a laser light show. More . . .


I’m happy to say that after a little hiatus, the well-loved doctors Lesley Glover and Vanessa Vizcaino are back with “Ask the Docs,” now joined by Heather Loguidice, ARNP. They will be taking turns writing the “Ask the Docs” column on helpful health topics, and this month Heather writes about the importance of Vitamin D.  For more information about their medical practice, visit their website for Family Medical and Wellness Center.


This month in “Cantankerously Yours,” Wendell Abern reflects on his theory about men and women…and their shopping habits. In “Men I’ve Met in Women’s Shoe Departments,” Wendell reveals his strategy for surviving all of the past shoe (and other) shopping trips that he endured. Funny stuff!


Our fun contests continue!  We continue to offer two contests each month!!  So between July 1st – 10th, you have the opportunity to win tickets for two to the Improv at CityPlace!  We will have two lucky winners, chosen at random from the correct entries.  Just visit our “Contest” page between July 1st – 10th for instructions. These are extra special gift certificates because they are good for ANY SHOW (special events at any price) for one year!  Another contest will follow in mid-July.


If you have not become a Facebook fan of AroundWellington.com yet, here’s a new reason to do it. When we have good fortune of extra tickets or prizes (as I did last month), they will be offered to our Facebook fans. Just recently AroundWellington.com FB fan Dava Hamerling received two tickets to see the Lisa Loeb children’s musical “Camp Kappawanna,” just for being the quickest to respond. Congrats, Dava!


This month we have the delicious pleasure of sharing a taste of “Havana” with you, as Havana Restaurant in West Palm Beach is our “AW Spotlight” business. If you haven’t visited Havana yet, don’t wait any longer! They have a 24/7 Walk-Up Window and are located at the corner of Forest Hill Boulevard and Dixie Highway. Just watch out for that Mojo garlic sauce…it’s addictive. Here’s their menu: http://www.havanacubanfood.com/menu.html


Speaking of yummy, we have a few nice summer grilling recipes for you. Check out these recipes for Grilled Salmon, Grilled Veggies with Couscous and a nice Red, White and Blue dessert!


Have you ever been at a complete loss for words when it comes to “what to say” in comforting someone, especially during this time of economic hardship? Lisa Dawn Wax illustrates how sometimes a complete loss for words is just what is needed – in the act of compassion.  If you’re not the best listener, you will find insights and “nuggets of truth” that are quite helpful in “Lighten Up with Lisa.”


I’m (almost) at a loss for words on the subject of the BP oil spill. It’s devastating that it has still not been stopped and continues to gush. It’s mind-boggling that BP had no emergency plan in place and has no decent plan to deal with the destruction being caused to the environment, wildlife, fisherman and everyone impacted. If you’re moved by the videos of dying wildlife, you can donate to the National Wildlife Federation. Every effort, large or small, helps.  A local Wellington artist has created a beautiful tile/mural devoted to all of the wildlife suffering in the Gulf.  Check out “Homeless of the Gulf” by Kathy Carroll. Perhaps a children’s book needs to be written on the subject too. My 3-year-old son keeps asking me, “What about the oil spill? Are the birds going to be OK? Are the fish going to be OK?” He is so sweet and so concerned, as he’s picked up snippets from the news and taken them to heart. I really don’t know how to answer him.


As we did last year, we have a combined July/August issue.  However, some of our columnists elected to write their story for August 1st instead of July 1st.  So we will get caught up with “Astrology at Work in Your Life,” “By the Numbers” and “Health & Fitness” in August.


THANKS to everyone’s contributions, writers and photographers!  Please explore to  see our latest stories and photos.


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I’m thankful to our readers for your ongoing feedback (and participation in our contests) and to our advertisers!  Welcome to our new advertiser PURE, Palm Beach, a full-service cleaning company that does chemical-free vapor steam cleanings. One of the owners worked previously for NASA and developed this technology to bring you a higher level of clean and a safer level of clean! 


Hope you’re having a happy summer so far!




Krista Martinelli