May, 2010 – Getting That Spark Back


Lighten Up with LisaLisa Dawn Wax

Getting That Spark Back

By Lisa Dawn Wax

This month I’m continuing with the new format with the hope that more of you will write in and share your stories and questions.  All submissions will be kept confidential and anonymous at your discretion. If you would like to submit something for publication, you can email me directly at 

Dear Lightworker Lisa,

   We have been married for about seven years now. There’s not necessarily a “seven-year itch” problem, but there’s possibly a rut or a boredom factor.  How do you put that spark into your relationship when you start to feel like you’re always working, sleeping or cleaning up?  It seems especially hard when you have young kids, and you have literally no free time to yourself, never mind “quality time” with your spouse.  Any suggestions on getting that spark back?


Lost that loving feeling…


Dear “Lost”,

A true spark never dies; it simply smolders beneath the ashes of responsibilities. However, if you blow away the ashes and add breath you can fuel a brand new flame and reignite the passion.  You mentioned finding “quality time” with your spouse. Before you find quality time, you must first define quality time.  Exactly what does it mean to you? Perhaps quality time might be as easy as sharing an intimate moment and even amidst a busy, crazy schedule there are several opportunities to share an intimate moment. The key is to give due pause and appreciate that moment. Intimacy can be found in an instant. The goal is to connect even if just for a quick glance or a slight stroke of hand. To catch that quick glance of your loved one, to feel the excitement of that brief, soft caress, simply pause and acknowledge it. Anything you do together, for example, sharing in responsibilities, can be intimate; such as preparing a meal, getting the children ready for bed, or even washing the dishes. As long as there is interconnectedness and it is done with love, that is a form of intimacy. It is the little, mundane daily things that if done right, can keep the spark alive. That all being said, if you are looking to “spice things up” a bit, plan a date night. While spontaneity has its place, it might be better to plan this event so you don’t choose a day when you or your spouse can’t focus on the task at hand.  Go on a picnic and bring some sexy, erotic foods like berries and cream, wine, or anything that drips and is sticky. (Think 9 ½ Weeks)  Better yet, wait until the kids go to sleep and have your picnic at home in the bedroom or on the living room floor.  When trying to inspire this kind of intimacy remember to engage as many senses as possible; sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.  Light some scented candles, play some soft music or nature sounds that have a rhythmic quality which is calming. Personally, I like ocean sounds. Try some sensually arousing Kama Sutra Feather Honey Dust or a massage with edible oil to tantalize the senses. Then while being both relaxed and stimulated, find a way to connect spiritually. Happiness is part of our Divine mission and Divine Spirit wants us to enjoy love and enjoy life.  Always make love, life and loving life a top priority, believe that you deserve these things you shall have them. 

Let me know how it goes.

Lightworker Lisa


Until next time, may your days be brighter and your lives be lighter.

Let me ignite the light in your life!


A Lightworker is someone with an innate ability to know and heal.  Lightworkers believe it is their divine mission or higher purpose to write, teach or counsel others that spiritual methods can heal any situation.  Lightworkers are souls who volunteered, before birth, to help people learn about love and heal from the effects of fear. Lisa Dawn Wax, aka Lightworker Lisa is a born Lightworker, certified Angel Healing Practitioner and Reiki Master; all of which basically confirm her intuitive abilities to help, heal and teach. Using reiki (energy healing), divine messages and intuitive readings, she has helped many people to identify the source of their pain, clarify current life situations, and successfully redirect their focus into positive channels.  If you are in need of affordable healing and/or life coaching with immediate results, please call her at 561-594-3948 or visit her new website  All rights reserved.