September, 2015 – Vision of Change


Vision of ChangeKellyMcNulty

By Kelly McNulty

I have a vision of change

But, I do not walk alone

Nor is the premise unknown

Words of a harmonized world

Have so often been spoke

So easy to evoke

Yet, the flame fizzles to provoke

Shadowed has been the road to change

Of so many echoes and so much pain

The message of revolutions through peace

Voiced in every message

Edged in every breath

To fight against the powerful elite

To take a stand against inequality

To weave a blanket of kindness

To harmonize a world that seeks to divide

To heal the wounds of man’s injustice

Strength within their threads

Persistence in their stand

Gandhi envisioned a unified India

Lennon imagined a world without War

Dr. King had a dream of a world without Color

And, all stood strong for something more

A mirrored reflection of a mission

A passion to seek compassion

A voice to sing in harmony

A flame to burn in unity

A vision of capability

To plant the seeds of change

And grow inside the rain

And not add to the soiled pain

Yes, I have a vision

As so many have had before

And, I too yearn for something more

A world without any war

A revolutionary change

Where all species live without pain

And, no one acts for mere economic nor empowered gain

An end to all exploitation

A harmonized web of connected life

Living with mother Gaia

Embedded in the clouds of desire

May our echoes provoke like thunder

May our souls ignite a spark of unbridled passion

And may peace encrust our core of sanctity

To put into action…


Kelly McNulty is a Visionary reflective poet seeking to inspire change while exploring the dimensions of poetry.  Kelly resides in South Florida, working on self-publishing her first poetry book focusing on poems about activism, environmental issues, and animal rights.