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Let’s Move

Let’s Move by Melanie Lewis I was recently invited to participate in an exciting fitness Challenge.  “The Let’s Move: Commit to Change Physical Activity Challenge is a county-wide...


FITNESS TIPS FOR EVERYBODY:  TRY ‘DESKERCIZES’ By Mike May The ‘Inactivity Pandemic is now impacting more than 80...

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas  By Cheryl Alker   A Healthy Mother’s Day Gift   Hands up - who loves their Mom? Of course we all do and, whilst we...

Is Cardio Useless? Your Brain Says No

Ask the Docs Is Cardio Useless? Your Brain Says No By Dr. Jonathan Chung As of the timing of this post, I consider myself primarily a weightlifter...

November, 2015 – Have You Tried the Best Fitness Machine Ever?

Fifty percent of Americans do not take enough exercise to gain any health benefits, with lack of time and money being two of the main reasons given for not adhering to a regular exercise program.

October, 2015 – Ultima Fitness Launches Sports Training Facility

ULTIMA FITNESS & WELLNESS is excited to announce the launch of Ultima Sports Performance Training, an exceptional year-round training facility where science and athletes align.

August, 2015 – Wellington Fitness and Wellness Education Day

The Village of Wellington is partnering with Ultima Fitness & Wellness, Wellington the Magazine, and Walgreens to host the “Wellington Fitness and Wellness Education Day.”

March, 2015 – The Wolves Den

“If you can’t give yourself a few hours a week devoted to your health, you’re on the wrong sheet of music,” says owner of The Wolves Den Fitness Center Tom Fragale. Located inside WinstonTrails community in Lake Worth, The Wolves Den is a very focused fitness center, open to the public and aiming to help people meet their goals.

October, 2014 – What is Yoga?

“The word yoga means, 'Union,' the yoking of body, mind and spirit.

July/August, 2014 – 7 Tricks for Healthy Shopping

With regards to shopping for food, the most common mistakes I see my clients making are mistakes that can be avoided.