The 5 Best Books For Classic Car Enthusiasts


The 5 Best Books For Classic Car Enthusiasts

By Katherine Rundell

There are two types of motoring enthusiasts. There is the car lover who likes to collect and cruise around in classic motors, visit beauty spots and talk to people about what a great car it is and ‘how they don’t make them like this anymore’. Then there is the other type, the car lover who likes to get their hands dirty and always has oil under their fingernails. Every car is taken apart. Marveled at. Then cleaned and put back together. This type of car lover scours yard sales, eBay, and motoring magazines in search of that last missing bit of their beloved motor that they need to get it up and running again. No matter what type you are, there is one thing that all classic car lovers have in common and that is that you probably read about cars when you’re not cruising or tinkering with engine parts.

My Dad Had That Car: A Nostalgic Look At The American Automobile, by Tad Burness


This book has 70 years and more than 12,000 color illustrations of American Cats packed into 1,300 pages. This is a book for lovers of the all American motor. No details are spared, want to know the original cost of a car from the ’50s? You will find it in My Dad Had That Car. Along with engine sizes and every specification you can think of. “My Dad Had That Car is an enjoyable stroll through the evolution of the American automobile. One of my favourite classic car books, ever!” says Raymond Peterson a book blogger at OXEssays and State Of Writing.


Lamborghini Supercars 50 Years: From the Groundbreaking Miura to Today’s Hypercars – by Stuart Codling


There are many books about the supercar that is the Lamborghini, none quite as detailed as this one. With a foreword by Fabio Lamborghini himself, this book packs a punch from the start. Read about how Lamborghini came out of seemingly nowhere with a supercar, the Miura, like no one had ever seen before. This is a car maker known for innovative design that pushed the standard of the entire automobile industry higher and higher with every new release. This is a collector’s book that every enthusiast will enjoy.


Roadster Guide to America’s Classic Car Museums and Attractions, Michael Milne


For the car enthusiast who loves to hit the open road. Be inspired to tour from state to state as you flick through this guide book of Classic Car Museums & Attractions around America. There is something to see in every state so buckle up and travel with the Roadster Guide.


The Complete Book of Ford Mustang (Every mode since 1964 ½)


No classic car list is complete without a big nod to Ford, creator of America’s automobile icon the Ford Mustang. This book isn’t just a book of the cars you know but also the prototypes, the experiments that Ford ran in its endless search to create ‘The car everyone would love to own’.


Enjoy the full color illustrations in this book, officially licensed and created in cooperation with Ford.


Chrysler: The Life and Times of an Automotive Genius (Automotive History and Personalities), by Vincent Curcio


What better way to understand the Chrysler than by understanding the man behind it. This book is a historical read about Walter P. Chrysler the man, the engineer. The passion that drove him to only release the highest quality machines. This book traces his story from a railroad mechanic to the creation of the world’s first modern car and a family empire worth billions.


“A little different to other classic car books, this is less about the motors themselves and more about how they came about, the way they were conceived and the maverick behind them A great read,” says Austin Fritz from a writer at BoomEssays and Ukservicesreviews.


British Auto Legends: Classics of Style and Design, by Michael Zumbrunn and Richard Heseltine


It would be unfair to focus only on the American automobile when in fact they did bring us classics including Jaguar, Bentley, AC, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, MG and Lotus. Reaching back to the start of the 20th century, this book navigates the history of each car as well as how it performed and details about each design. The photographs are unparalleled, which is to be expected since they were all taken by renowned photographer Michael Zumbrunn.


Each of these books is sure to be a hit with any classic car lover. They make great gifts for loved ones, or yourself and can be enjoyed time and time again.


Katherine Rundell is a car lover and a writer at Top assignment writing services in Northern Territory and Essay Help Services. She writes about all things automotive and her Dad drove an MG. She also is an editor for Essayroo website.