The Jim Moran Foundation Awards Grant to Unicorn Children’s Foundation


The Jim Moran Foundation Awards Grant to Unicorn Children’s Foundation

Boca Raton, FLNovember 20, 2020 The Unicorn Children’s Foundation is extremely grateful for a $20,000 grant from The Jim Moran Foundation. Provided in support of the Unicorn Children’s Foundation mission, this funding is more important now than ever before due to the impacts of COVID-19.


Sharon Alexander, CEO of the Unicorn Children’s Foundation, shared “This gift of generosity will certainly be a safety net for the 1 of every 6 children who are or have been diagnosed with a developmental or learning disorder and their families!  It has given us flexibility to efficiently shift our revenue to where it is needed most.


COVID has had significant impact on people with special needs and their families.  Children and young adults with special needs havefound themselves even more isolated, unemployed and/or transitioning to virtual education.  In addition to parenting, families have now had to figure out how to become their child’s therapist, educator, and sole social network with little to no supports or training.  Virtual learning has not been an effective modality for many of our population as they have difficulty sustaining attention to a computer screen or simply cannot navigate the technology.  Nonprofit organizations face significant challenges to obtain thefunding for programmatic and operating expenses, all while the demands for services and supports are exponentially increasing.


For more information on The Jim Moran Foundation, visit To learn more about Unicorn Children’s Foundation’s cradle to career initiatives, visit  If you need additional information, please call (561) 620-9377 or email