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Tip Top Dry Cleaners

By Sabeen Faquir

Tip Top Dry Cleaners is a dry cleaning pickup and delivery service. They can serve you from your home or office. Bob Salerno, a local entrepreneur founded the delivery service in July 2016. He’s been busy ever since.

This is in fact, Bob’s second foray into dry cleaning services. Originally, Bob owned and operated Ultra Cleaners from 2005-2016. This was a dry cleaning storefront and production facility, as opposed to a pickup/delivery service. Now, Bob gets to focus on sales and marketing. He leaves the dry cleaning and laundry to someone else. “This is better,” he said.

Tip Top Dry Cleaners came about when Bob sold his last Ultra Cleaners store front. It was a family owned business and when his dad retired, Bob needed something else to do. His fiancé, Hope, suggested doing something he knew well. So, Bob thought about it and he came to the realization that he liked marketing instead of managing a store plus its employees.

Before, Bob was behind the scenes. Now, he actively performs all the operations of the business, himself. So, when you decided to use Tip Top Dry Cleaners, it will be Bob who comes to pick up your dry cleaning. He keeps a close relationship with the dry cleaning store and can relay messages about the dry cleaning.

When asked if he’d be opening a store front, soon, Bob answered, “No. No overhead. Just me and a van.” That’s not to say he didn’t think about it. Bob considered opening a store front by the new Palm Beach State College in Loxahatchee but realized he would have to start from scratch. Eventually. He may get a small warehouse for his computer but right now, he is working out of his home. “This allows me to pass on good prices to the customer,” he said.

Bob does pick up wedding dresses and comforters. In fact, he is running a special in September for any size comforter at $20. He gets alterations done, as well. Bob’s rates are very reasonable with a men’s shirt pickup and delivery costing only $2.59. Fifty percent of his business is men’s shirts.

Bob also gives back to the community. He is personally a part of the Rotary Club of Wellington. He’s been a member for 8 years and more recently became a board member. He’s particularly proud of the Rotary’s work with children. Because Tip Top Dry Cleaners is so new, he hasn’t been able to do much charitable work yet; but, Ultra Cleaners would often give gift certificates to charities, items to auction or raffle, or donate gift cards.

Tip Top Dry Cleaners is perfect for Wellington residents who are in a working household. It is perfect for families without the time to drive to and from the dry cleaners. Bob hits the road at 8AM and is out till late in the afternoon.

If you want to utilize Tip Top Dry Cleaners, you can contact Bob through text or email. There is a sign-up form at the website which asks for your name, address, email and cell phone. Bob will promptly respond and confirm a pick-up date for your dry cleaning. He also sends a reminder text message the day before so as to give you time to lay out your dry cleaning. Over 80% of his customers are businesses.

Bob caters to the Western communities including Wellington, Royal Palm Beach and west Lake Worth currently. In the future, he may go into West Palm but right now he is sticking with the Western communities.

You may not know this but Bob is getting married next year! He got set up on a date through a mutual friend and described his first date as “Love at first sight.” Five months later, he and Hope Barron got engaged. In fact, Hope is the CFO of Tip Top Dry Cleaners and a CPA.

Bob is excited about his new business. Before dry cleaning with Ultra Cleaners, he was in sales for 20 years. “I like working with people and providing solutions. I find the new work allows me to be more focused,” said Bob.

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