What Kind of Seed Spreader Are You?




Jon Frangipane of Fort Lauderdale, composer, pianist, publisher, journalist

By Jon Frangipane

How many of us are completely unaware of the power we possess? That power you possess, my friends, is the very words you speak. And those words you speak can be one of two things; you either have the exciting power to be the spreader of seeds of hope and joy, or have the destructive power in becoming the spreader of seeds of doubt and despair. It may take your lifetime to find that answer.

If the current threat of Covid-19 hasn’t opened our eyes to the power of what flows from our mouths, nothing else shall. Holy good God, what must it take for the world to recognize the fact that this is a life or death lesson? Isn’t over 600,000 deaths enough proof? Or perhaps you didn’t think that maybe some of your words would not be heard, or that some of your deeds would not be noticed? Sorry. Unbeknownst to you, that very moment you opened your mouth, your seeds were spread and their growth began.

There’s no question that from some of our mouths, thankfully, not only has enormous progress been made to better our world, but, unfortunately, from other mouths there spews only messages of gloom and doom, from individuals anxious to transform our democracy into an anarchy. These individuals shall become known as the worst form and most dangerous seed spreaders on earth.

Your own seeds may have been responsible for wonderful things, such as a beautiful marriage, birth of your children, or donations to a worthy cause, a beautiful backyard garden, or service to your country. Or, in other cases, your distribution of seeds could have, in some way, mistakenly hurt someone, or may even have caused a disaster.

Let’s not kid ourselves, we find times that it takes enormous power to just shut up and say nothing. So, maybe if we all were to speak less and listen more, there would be better chance that our seeds of hope and joy far exceed our production of any seeds of doubt and despair.

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