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Jon Frangipane is a pianist and composer and former editor/publisher of the Lighthouse Point Magazine. He also co-facilitated the Fort Lauderdale Writers’ Group with writer/publisher Krista Martinelli. Also he owns a tennis racket.

Nobody Home!

By Jon Frangipane About twelve years ago, I took a trip to Rome with intention of visiting relatives in Sicily and possibly stopping by to...

What Kind of Seed Spreader Are You?

PEELING BACK THE ONION: A Continuing Series WHAT KIND OF SEED SPREADER ARE YOU? By Jon Frangipane How many of us are completely unaware of the power...

Ending Police Catastrophies

PEELING BACK THE ONION: A CONTINUING SERIES ENDING POLICE CATASTROPHIES A job in America that requires an individual to make the most critical determination as to...

Do You Really Know Who You’re Talking To?

PEELING BACK THE ONION A Continuing Series by Jon Frangipane Do You Really Know Who You’re Talking To? For years you may speak to friends, or just...

Peeling Back the Onion

Part 1 By Jon Frangipane Illustration by Rollin McGrail Life takes us to a point we may think about abstract things that hardly affect us, such as...

In Life – Everything is Negotiable

In Life – Everything is Negotiable     By Jon Frangipane (Berkel usually curls up under Mr. Crabapple’s desk when he needs a catnap, but the other day...

Living In a Dog Eat Dog World

Living In a Dog Eat Dog World By Jon Frangipane   It was Friday afternoon. I didn’t want to hear anything, see anybody, or think about anything…...

Don’t Leave the Catnip Out!

Don’t Leave the Catnip Out! BERKEL Conversations With My Cat By Jon Frangipane I wasn’t coming home to a pretty wife every night anymore. I tried that twice,...

A Simple Case of Cognitive Dissonance

A SIMPLE CASE OF COGNITIVE DISSONANCE Berkel and Me Conversations with a psycho-neurotic cat By Jon Frangipane It’s seven-fifteen in the evening. I’m really whipped and in desperate...

Time for Robo-Cat?

Time For Robo-Cat? By Jon Frangipane Have you been noticing how humans seem to becoming more like robots and robots becoming more like humans? I recently saw...