Peeling Back the Onion


Part 1

By Jon Frangipane

Illustration by Rollin McGrail

Ridiculous and Incoherent were two brothers born to a mother named Who Cares and a father named Why Bother.

Life takes us to a point we may think about abstract things that hardly affect us, such as should pregnant women get vaccinated during a pandemic, or should we spend time and money on colonizing Mars. Well, this column’s purpose is intended to deliver some perspective on all vagaries of life. Please don’t hesitate to offer your two cents to the subject matter, I would love some response from you on your thoughts, if you think it’s worth your time.

Our Precious Lives in a Vortex 

Ridiculous and Incoherent were two brothers born to a mother named Who Cares and a father named Why Bother.

Ridiculous spent most of his formative years questioning historical facts as those published in books distributed to young children.

Incoherent, on the other hand, questioned nothing, therefore was a huge source of completely useless information. 

Of course, because numerous warnings by scientists were ignored by parents, electronic devices, in many cases, became an uncontrollable addiction among new generations. 

Most waking hours spent by children were devoted to only three pastimes considered necessary: one being television, another the cell phone, and a third called the computer that also added to the lack of time given to the supervision of young minds. 

Little thought had been given to how to deal with the never-ending surge of new, exciting and irresistible gadgets flooding the market almost daily, just as long as Who Cares and Why Bother were happy with their children’s progress.

How wonderfully delighted were the parents that could now detach themselves from the boring and tedious task of assisting their children in the learning process.

Before very long, children being detached from their parents became so commonplace that conversation between them both had become a rare occasion.  

So, there they were, becoming less and less a family that would learn from each other, regarding the most basic facts of living together and loving one another.

Life at this moment in the world, that now includes a worldly pandemic, only exacerbates this serious problem. The disastrous conditions at our Southern border, created by the last Administration in dealing with children has caused, not only caused malnutrition, but mental impairment, as well. With at least five hundred still missing, it’s beyond anyone’s imagination what steps should be taken.

We can’t expect help anytime soon from a Government that can’t agree on anything. Both party’s defiant refusal to work peacefully together is only adding to the number of rebellions we are facing, more and more frequently. No one can expect to be safe in a country that has completely lost its way. Do you?

Our forefathers really hoped that bringing the Civil War to an end would be the beginning of a new existence, a new experiment, where peoples of all colors and creeds could live and work together in peace and harmony, not only for themselves, but for the good of their country. Will they be proved right . . . or will that experiment have been in vain?

Until we get truthful answers, we will live through some form of hell, so hold on close to your very dear ones, and never lose faith in the power of love. 

Yes, living our precious lives in a vortex could be a sad ending to a potential life of great accomplishment.  


Jon Frangipane  Copyright © 2021

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