You are a Smart Cookie


First Week of School 2017

By Symone Best, 8th Grade, Eagle Arts Academy

This picture represents the first person I met at this school. Her name is Thias and she is a very sweet person. Now, what makes me like her so much is her personality. Not only is she kind, but she also accompanied  me in opening up and talking to others. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has been touched by her kind and uplifting spirit. There are other new people that I know who have been influenced by her cheerful and loving spirit. Even though I’ve spent much of a time talking about Thias’ kind spirit, there are MUCH more impressive things about her that I love. She is EXTREMELY and I mean EXTREMELY smart. You can spit out any question, and she will have the answer prepared for you right away. I noticed that the first time and gave her the nickname “Google.” She hates the name, but I love it. Well as you repeatedly heard me say, I really love Thias for her spirit and everything else. She is probably one of the greatest people that I’ve met all week, and I hope we begin a friendship that lasts for the rest of the year and maybe even longer.