April, 2013 – Mothering Wanted, Anyone Can Apply


Mommy Moments


Mothering Wanted, Anyone Can Apply


By Melanie Lewismelanielewis_2012


Recently, we got out photo albums and took a walk down memory lane.  The kids couldn’t get enough.  They wanted to know what their parents were doing before they were born and who their distant relatives are.  It reminded me of all the special people in my life.  There are several that had a special quality for nurturing, caring and compassion.  There have been bosses, co-workers, car-pool comrades or roommates.   Male or female, they had a quality I could call “mothering.”  In light of Mother’s Day, I wanted to show my appreciation for everyone who provided an element of mothering.


My own mom passed away over almost a decade ago.  Prior to that, I didn’t live close enough to take advantage of mother-daughter visits, wardrobe and decorating advice, or a shoulder to cry on.  But the void was always filled up by a nourishing friendship or savvy co-worker.  Just yesterday, my Silpada jewelry sponsor offered a mothering word.  We’re involved in a house-remodeling project and she said, don’t drive yourself crazy trying to squeeze in your Silpada business.  That’s the beauty of Silpada, it will be there when you’re ready.  “Just focus on getting your house in order.” Comforting words, considering we are moving this month.


My dog-walking friends are another example of people with sage advice.  “Hey, it’s windy out today, you’ll want to grab a hat”, or “Oh, I have an extra poop bag.  I always come prepared.”  They also help when the going gets tough. Like when I couldn’t get out with the flu, one of the gals stopped by to drop off chicken soup.  What a lovely bunch to take such care of a fellow “dogger.”


All those little things and special touches are flavored with hints of mothering which we all do for each other so simply and automatically. 


So on this upcoming Mother’s Day think of all the ways you can share your “Mother talents,” with or without kids.  It’s all very worthy!






Melanie Lewis is the mother of 2 active young boys.  She is married and works part-time as Silpada representative and a weight loss consultant. She enjoys book club, and playing with her Blue-mitted Ragdoll, Percy and Golden Retriever, Rosie.  She can be reached at melaniewlewis@yahoo.com.