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May, 2014 – What are GMO’s and Why You Should Care

What are GMO's? According to Nongmoproject.org "GMOs, or genetically modified organisms are plants or animals that have been genetically engineered with DNA from bacteria, viruses or other plants and animals.

November, 2011 – An Interview with Clive Cholerton of the Caldwell Theatre

The Caldwell Theatre Company, the longest running regional theater in Florida, celebrates and begins its 36th season, led by the extraordinary talented Artistic Director Clive Cholerton with the drama “AFTER THE REVOLUTION” by Amy Herzog.

April, 2015 – Wycliffe’s Director of Tennis Makes USA Proud

Wellington, FL, March 26, 2015 - Kam Kuchta, Wycliffe Golf & Country Club’s Tennis Director, just returned from representing the USA at the 2015 ITF Young Seniors World Team Championships in Antalya, Turkey.

April, 2013 – Annie Jr. Comes to the Wellington Children’s Theatre

  Annie Jr. Comes to the Wellington Children’s Theatre By Krista Martinelli One of the most beloved musicals, among children and adults, is Annie. It has a...

Downton Abbey: The American Tour

DOWNTON ABBEY:  THE AMERICAN TOUR By Mike May, Photos by CAPEHART Many people would...

July, 2015 – Pomegranate, the Wonder Fruit

The pomegranate or punica granatum originates from Persia. It was cultivated over the whole Mediterranean region since ancient times and became naturalized.

Judy Berens: Horse Woman Turned Wildcat Conservationist

Cultural Corner Judy Berens: Horse Woman Turned Wildcat Conservationist By Angela Shaw It all started 20 years ago when Judy Berens decided to adopt an ocelot as...

January, 2014 – Journey to Good Health

How screenings, a nutritionist and big helping of support are shrinking waistlines and changing a government agency for the better.

Why I Joined Beautycounter

Why I Joined Beautycounter By Briana D’Andrea Many people have asked me why I've joined Beautycounter and my "why" is pretty simple. Making healthy choices and...

Melaniacare…Make America Beautiful Again

Melaniacare   By Barbara Brilliant   With all the proposed changes in healthcare insurance, I have a proposal that I know will unify both parties.  It can “Make...