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January, 2013 – Healthy Smiles with Dr. Grillo

The level of care Dr. Grillo gives is what sets him apart from the rest;

February, 2015 – Meet Ncognito Fitness

Like a breath of fresh air, this fitness center is more than just a gym. It’s a place one can go to improve one’s entire lifestyle. With comprehensive plans catered to an individual’s physical goals, Ncognito is a unique business that is personal.

December, 2012 – Experience Wellness with Dr. Randy Laurich

Dr. Randall Laurich is probably one of the busiest men you’ll find in Wellington.

Wellington – Your Fitness Home

Wellington – Your Fitness Home By Angela Shaw If you...

Healthy Smiles with Dr. Grillo

HEALTHY SMILES WITH DR. GRILLO By Pamela Albertus Photography by Gaciel Santana Dr. Miguel Grillo has offered the most innovative services in dental care around Palm Beach...

The 2016 Palm Beach County Heart Walk

Local Hospital CEO Takes Blood Pressure to Heart

Where Eastern and Western Medicine Meet

An Interview with Caroline Blanke-Pena By Angela Shaw, Photos by Jake Mazzone

The Great Charity Challenge

The Great Charity Challenge    

Never Take Your Vision for Granted

Dr. Jason Gorscak is an Ophthalmologist at Florida Eye Microsurgical Institute located in Wellington who focuses on comprehensive eye care including diagnosing and treating...

July, 2013 – SeaView Eyecare

I met with optometrist and owner Amanda Weiss, who addresses computer vision problems for patients in their 40’s, treats the dry eyes of patients in their 60’s, and evaluates focusing problems for children