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October, 2014 – Top 7 Reasons to See Your Eye Doctor

When it comes to your eyes, infection and changes to your sight can be really scary. Some problems are more serious than others.

October, 2013 – Dr. G’s Weight Loss and Wellness

U.S. Marine Veteran Helps Fight Against Obesity in Wellington Dr. G’s Weight Loss & Wellness of Wellington

December, 2012 – Experience Wellness with Dr. Randy Laurich

Dr. Randall Laurich is probably one of the busiest men you’ll find in Wellington.

November, 2013 – The Leptin-Obesity Connection

Leptin. Yet another soldier in the battle of the bulge. Let me just preface by saying this was very confusing to me when I began researching the subject.

January, 2013 – Healthy Smiles with Dr. Grillo

The level of care Dr. Grillo gives is what sets him apart from the rest;

Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice I drag my defeated body out of bed and stare at a blank expression in the mirror.  I have flashbacks of when...

The Great Charity Challenge

The Great Charity Challenge