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December, 2014 – Structural Chiropractic Care with Dr. Jon Chung

Keystone Chiropractic is making a difference in people’s lives and in their spines. Dr. Jon Chung sees bad posture as a symptom of a bigger problem. They have black t-shirts that say “Got Posture?

How Biotest is Saving Lives

How Biotest is Saving Lives By Angela Shaw Jenny Gardner was always getting sick.  Ever since she was a child, she’d had more than her share...

December, 2015 – Vitamins and Supplements- Vitamin D and K2

Banzai Wellness Magazine Vitamins and Supplements- Vitamin D and K2 By Cheryl Martin, director Gardens Wellness Center What is Vitamin D? Vitamin D- This vitamin is sometimes referred to...

April, 2014 – A Gentle Approach to Chiropractic

For years chiropractic has been a great source of relief for people suffering with back pain

August, 2013 – Palm Beach Kangoo Club by Cheeky Fitness

For Michelle Marton the owner and founder of Cheeky Fitness, her passion for fitness became her career. She saw an opportunity to turn her passion into a thriving business.

Wellington – Your Fitness Home

Wellington – Your Fitness Home By Angela Shaw If you...

10 Signs You Need to Practice Yoga

If you’ve never stepped onto a yoga mat, or only tried practicing yoga once or twice, here are a few good reasons to start...