Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Poem of the Month

Poem of the Month – Archive

November, 2015 – Ode to Autumn

I saw old Autumn in the misty morn Stand shadowless like Silence, listening To silence, for no lonely bird would sing Into his hollow ear from woods forlorn,

October, 2010 – Haunted Houses

Haunted Houses By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow   All houses wherein men have lived and died Are haunted houses.Through the open doors The harmless phantoms on their errands glide, With feet...

Spring Forward

Spring Forward By Denise Marsh The seeds you labored to sow. Your time and love layered in rich soil. Take pride in all you've bestowed. True growth can stem...

For My New Class

A poem for my new class This is a new year for you. This is your time to be true. It is a fresh new start so give...


Barter By Sara Teasdale Life has loveliness to sell, All beautiful and splendid things, Blue waves whitened on a cliff, Soaring fire that sways and sings, And children's faces looking...

Professing My Love, For My Lover, My Friend, My Confidant, There To the Very...

Professing My Love, For My Lover, My Friend, My Confidant, There To the Very End..... By Bryan Hayes You are  My Love, and  My Lover. No one needs to get or...

September, 2011 – Wild Money

Charm for Attracting Wild Money

August, 2014 – Awake

Your mind drifts to her breathing

October, 2015 – Beyond Man

Lost in the forest of empty life

June, 2015 – From Abe Lincoln

I am not bound to win but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have.