Sunday, December 8, 2019

Poem of the Month

Poem of the Month – Archive

August, 2015 – Breaths of Hope

Creativity excites the passions of men Sound heals the cunning sharpness of grim Dark as the onyx of stone Bleak is the lifeless land

February, 2010 – Our Flame Will Never Extinguish

Our Flame Will Never Extinguish (A Tribute to the People of Haiti) By Bito David In this time of great sorrow We wish we could find a light...

January, 2015 – Song of the City at Night

Whatever hid the sun and moon inside a mountain brought people there to found the night

April, 2011 – Catch the Moon

Catch the Moon By Lisa Loeb and Elizabeth Mitchell   Can you catch the moon And hold it in your hands Cause I can catch the moon And I do...

Artist’s Life

Artist's Life By Ella Wheeler Wilcox Of all the waltzes the great Strauss wrote, mad with melody, rhythm--rife From the very first to the final note, Give me his...

March, 2010 – What of the Life You Supposed?

What of the Life You Supposed?   By David Plumb   The moon comes up to remind you of timeless journeys giant leaps, promises of more a screen door in Albuquerque the motel...