How Cooking Classes can Grow your Business and Make you Money


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How Cooking Classes can Grow your Business and Make you Money

By Sherri Mraz

Mostly everyone I know likes cooking classes. I watch these classes on TV all the time but quickly get frustrated because most of them are not healthy.

Being a health coach, it is important for me to keep my recipes and classes in alignment with my beliefs and health goals. I started teaching classes with the message that, “Healthy Begins in the Kitchen.”  We all know, we are what we eat, but most people don’t know how to change that. You have to give people simple ways to make food changes on their own.

For me, every class is a winner on building my brand. In the Academy, we go through a unique roadmap system that helps you systematically build your business. Here are a few quick tips for you to create a following of your own using cooking classes.

  1. Know what makes you, YOU, turn it into a BRAND

You don’t have to be so different from everyone else; you just have to be authentic. We are all here for a purpose. Let yourself TRUST your unique gifts and let them shine. If you have a vegan, raw, Paleo or  just healthy family style, then teach that. Don’t overcomplicate it, just teach what you do.

  1. Create a program roadmap

You can earn a living from just teaching classes but if you want to build up a coaching practice you must learn how to map your programs and services. The class may not be the final destination. Where do you want your people to go next? Always sign them up for the next step.

  1. Grow your list

Use a sign-up sheet at every class and event you do and create a free offer for your website. Learn how to create valuable content that creates loyal followers and how to deliver it.

  1. Become credible, get known as an expert

All successful entrepreneurs and wellness guru’s have a book. In the Academy, we show you how to get this done super efficiently. This will build your brand like nothing else. It will get you booked and become the base for your brand.

  1. Website as your Hub

Create a website that lets people know who you are. Your website should match your personality and become a center point that all your information feeds into.

Are you passionate about teaching others how to eat healthy food? Does it seem that people are always asking you what they should eat? Maybe you are really good at hacking recipes and making them healthier. Why not make a business out of it? And, if you are a coach this is the perfect way to grow your business.

I’m Sherri Mraz, President and founder of the Cookin’ Yogi and the Wellness Business Academy. I teach people how to improve their health through better food and lifestyle choices. I have put together a team of experts who are on the same mission. We believe that “Healthy Begins in the Kitchen.”

As strongly as I feel about this, I feel even more strongly that it’s not all about the food. You can be an amazing chef and educator but still not be building your business. You need a strategy!

I invite you to check out the Wellness Cooking Academy. Get 12 weeks of virtual classes and done-for-you templates that systematically build your business. This course is more like a business in a box that comes complete with live guidance.  No longer will you struggle on your own or remain stuck.