July/August, 2009 – A Wonderful Summer!




July/August – Wishing You a Wonderful Summer!Krista Martinelli





Dear Around Wellington Readers,


I hope you are all having a Happy Summer! We have a plethora of great new articles for you to read and new contests happening between July 1 – 10 and between August 1 – 10!


You are guaranteed to get some good laughs out of Wendell Abern’s “Cantankerously Yours,” as I did. It’s his annual complaint letter to the editors of People Magazine . . . for not including him in their “100 Most Beautiful People in the World.” He asked me to publish his photo at about twice the normal size, so I obliged. Enjoy!  And I think you’ll see the validity to Wendell’s complaint as you read on.


As for our special Around Wellington Stories of the Month, we have three topics of interest. First we take a look at three different organizations which advocate for children with autism, all making a difference in our community: The Other Side of the Fence, Autism Action Group and Project Lifesaver. Writer Jamie Allison analyzes the pro’s and con’s of desktops vs. laptops vs. netbooks, spelling it out for those who might be considering making a purchase in the near future. And writer Frannie Sheridan, who’s currently working on a Wacky Healthy Food Show for TV, gets romantic about chocolate…and chocolate cake.


In “As I Was Saying,” humorist Alan Williamson gives some fine tips on the art of walking. Don’t miss his “Walk This Way!” You’ll never take a walk the same way again. Or at least without thinking about it funny.


Check your sign and see what’s in store for you with “Astrology at Work” in Your Life by Karola Crawford this summer.


Dennis Lipp takes a turn at writing “By the Numbers” this month, giving us a look at income protection and valuable insurance information.


Judy Collins is the subject of Glenn Swift’s “Cultural Corner,” and Collins shares her “Seven T’s,” good rules to live by that she discovered when coping with the darkest moments of her life.


Health & Fitness expert Cheryl Alker tackles the subject of childhood obesity and tips for parents to get their children up and moving again.


We’re happy to introduce you to new monthly columnist Lisa Dawn Wax (aka Lightworker Lisa)! In “Lighten Up with Lisa,” she shares a few tips on thinking outside of the box and lightening up your heavy load. I’m already getting good feedback from this story after just one day of being published, so I’m happy to hear about people getting inspired by it.


I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Tomer Haik, “The Kids’ Teeth Doctor” for our AW Spotlight article. Several parents have mentioned to me that they LOVED him and the positive experiences that their children have had. As the mother of a two-year-old and a four-year-old, I can fully understand how difficult it is to instill good “brushing routines” and dental care. Dr. Haik and his staff are extremely helpful when it comes to getting children off to the right start. In August, Dr. Haik will be sharing a fun video about Top Ten Tips for kids’ dental care on this website too!


While you might have mixed feelings about who Michael Jackson became later in his life, you cannot deny the monumental contributions he made to the world of music. I cried on the day that the world lost him, along with so many others who mourned. Did you know that one in ten people own the album “Thriller?” It’s the biggest-selling album of all time. Anyway, it breaks my heart to see the old videos of him performing, as a ten—year-old and then seeing how he changed . . . so dramatically. I thought it would be a good tribute to share the lyrics of his song “Man in the Mirror” for our Poem of the Month, as well as a video that one of his fans put together.


Here is our Table of Contents for July and August, including many other great articles for you to read!  




Wishing a Happy Summer to you and your families!

Krista Martinelli, Editor